15th October 2020

You guys have watched ‘Last Dance’, right? Course you did, we recommended it to you! And you probably loved it, so how about you jump onto another Michael Jordan documentary? This one isn’t sports-related, has nothing to do with the Chicago Bulls, hardly anything with the man himself – this one is for the sneaker-heads, for the fashionistas, for all of us sporting the Jumpman logo and praying for a pair of ’88 Air Jordans so we can leap from the free throw line like ‘His Airness’ or simply just look fly as hell in those kicks without really flying! Except that, check this – there’s a darkness to it, okay. There is something really shady about our love for those shoes, for the brand, for the “IT” in fashion, for trends. And a talented South Londoner, Yemi Bamiro, is going to show it to us so we learn and realize what it is that we are supporting and what we are chasing. So, seriously, jump on it (pun intended!) ASAP!

‘One Man & His Shoes’ is out October 23rd across the U.K!


Premieres reschedule, cinemas close, popcorn goes cold…  What’s going on?

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