24th March 2018

This weekend Dogwoof release ‘Westwood’ a documentary style film on the life and times of the incredible Vivienne Westwood. The words ‘Icon’ ‘Rebel’ ‘Activist’ are plastered all over the advert and totally sum up this beautiful very smart, caring lady.

My relationship with Miss V started when I was around 17 years old, a friend took me to one of her stores and I walked in and fell in love. It was my first experience really of shopping by myself in a designer boutique. I remember it being dark, colourful and sooooo aspirational. I spent £200 on a pencil skirt in charcoal and a matching jacket ( if i’m honest think it was closer ro £350 and I borrowed the rest from the friend)

I felt so sexy and my waist looked tiny ….almost a little brown version of Marillyn Monroe. Vivienne Westwood as a desinger just knows how to make clothes that totally exaggerate and empahtise a womans body. Also her love for music has always influenced her catwalks and collections, the original Punk babe! For me music and fashion are my two loves and when you discover someone like Westwood you feel like you just won the lottery.

I think when I wear her pieces I do feel sexy but also very strong. She has always been a designer that has been more substance then just style. Using her platform through fashion to provoke a conversation and reaction in a big ‘Fuck you’ way.

Watching ‘Westwood’ I learnt so much more about her and the empire she has amassed, but nothing surprised me. Firstly she really does give a shit about people and the world. Her passions are driven by wanting better for our planet, seeing people healthier and happier. She is a total control freak in some ways and a perfectionist. Also she seemd to be battling with herself now wanting to be more activist and less designer.

Her drive to create is incredible and although she is the name and face of the brand, she is happy to share the lime-light with her partner Andreas Kronthaler. It was lovely seeing her give him as much credit as herself for the success and designs over the years.

There are not a lot of people that are not humble and comfortable enough in themselves to share their light and shout out someone else. Here is a woman that has been working on her art since the 80’s, accomplished so much but has mananged to separate herself from the rest and live in her own lovely slightly crazy world.

Did you know she was independent and is one of the only fashion houses that can say that??? Her sense of business, design, family, love, activism is all shared in this funny rather intriguing doc.

I highly recommend you check it out this weekend, it will not only leave you enlightened but also wanting to pull out something loud and incredible from your wardrobe to wear. Love you Queen V, you rock!!

Max xxx