11th July 2017

I love supporting new artists that are making great music especially when they are positive, young, strong women. Meet Stefflon Don, a lady that is totally representing her own sound and style. When your watch her videos and check out her live shows you notice how much she shares her stage with other women and celebrates them.

She is also very comfortable in her own skin and the way she expresses herself. I would love even 50 percent of her body confidence, her Jamaican heritage has defo been partly responsible.

You can hear she has grown up on artists like Lady Saw, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. That influence can be heard in her raw delivery when she raps. Steff fuses Bashment, Dancehall with Hip Hop, Grime and Urban music making her own special sexy interesting box.

I have liked all the music she has dropped over the last year and a half, so when I met her finally I hoped she would be a top girl. I’m pleased to say… phew…. she is super sweet, pretty as hell and also very smart.

Here is a woman that is so focused and willing to work her beautiful ass off to achieve her dreams with her team all around her. The energy I get from Steff is one of an artist that is willing to work at everything to be the best. She strikes me as a perfectionist, which is something I can relate to, but I hope it doesn’t stop her from taking time to enjoy her achievements rather then ‘on to the next thing’ vibe!

She is also humble and very chilled about the hype behind her. She doesn’t name drop or really scream and shout how much love she is getting right now, which is super refreshing and quite rare.

steff 1

I know a lot of people will see Steff in her videos and on social media and perhaps find her intimidating, I think I did a little if I’m honest, but she’s really not. Steff is super chilled and that artist you can run up to for a pic and say hello. With collabs out already with Drake, Giggs, Angel, Krept & Konan, Lil Yachty, Jax Jones, Jeremih and David Guetta ( maybe that one isn’t out yet oops.) Steff is here to stay so pay attention and become a part of her Don’s!! Nicki Minaj is sick but there is always room for a new badass girl in rap music!! Rather then compare why not celebrate and enjoy both ladies.

Max xxx