24th May 2018

Are you doing a job or studying in an area that you are totally not enjoying?

I had lunch with 2 mates earlier this week, both work in recruitment which they hate. We started talking about happiness and ambition. Both guys are super smart, creative but lack confidence in taking a leap and doing what they really dream off.

They shared how uninspiring their jobs are and the lack of support or development they are getting. One wants to work in a creative industry but feels he doesn’t have any experience in that field while the other wants to restore classic cars but again worries about security and money.

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I think this is the norm for the majority of us. Somehow we get stuck in a rut doing stuff we are not enjoying or planned to. We think we have done it for soooo long and have to stick it out. But here is the thing, it’s never ever too late to hit the reset button, Stop telling yourself you are too old, young, the wrong gender, class or race to make it in whatever you would be excited to do every day.

Start by writing down all the skills and stuff you are awesome at.

Then think what jobs you can do that will allow you to showcase them fully and also most importantly that you will enjoy doing 5 days a week.

Start saving money if you are currently in a job and then start looking while researching for the type of job or course that you really want to do. A plan is important and a vision on how to execute it. The sooner you say it out loud to yourself the quicker you will make it happen. Once you change watch everything around you change. 

Don’t settle you deserve to live the best life.

Max xxx


  1. I’m similar to your mates I lack confidence in doing something new I am currently unemployed which I hate but everything I apply for they reject me saying someone’s better suited to the role I have no idea what I am supposed to do to be given the chance . I want something new and exciting that I really enjoy but not sure what that’s will involve this probably makes no sense at all sorry max

    1. Becca it’s hard sometimes, when interviews go against you. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the job. Can I suggest something? Whatever area you want to work in, make a list of the 10 companies you would like to work for and offer to volunteer or intern for a month for free and show them what you can do. Kill it and I bet you get a job at the end of it.. at worse you will get more experience on your CV which will help with other jobs! xxx

      1. Its so hard I get so nervous at interview which don’t help get all my words muddled and just a total mess really. Thanks for your suggestion I will defiantly take it on board and give it a go I think I would like in office in some way

          1. Where do I start with the list making I ain’t got a clue what I’m good at .. Hate those sort of questions

          2. Becca what do you hate more .. doing a list or having no job and feeling crap? You have to work on being more positive, kind to yourself and productive. Otherwise nothing will change. x

          3. I hate feeling shitty and no job I just feel like I’m in this circle I know I have to change it but I guess with all the rejection I have had it feels like I’m never going to get anywhere xx

          4. Take a deep breath and change the way you feel right now. You are alive, can speak, walk, jump around and do a thousand things. Never accept negativity from yourself. If you can’t be your own cheerleader who can?? Becca life is too short to live like that. TedTalks is an awesome platform for motivation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc x

          5. Thanks max will start fresh tomorrow and be more positive thanks for listening hun appreciate it and will start on my list tomorrow xxx

          6. Rejection… see it as those job were not for you. Learn from everything you do, grow and be positive. Honselt if you change your attitude towards stuff watch how quickly life will start feeling and looking better… small steps and one day it will just be natural to be more positive and not let rejection bring you down as much as it does now x

          7. I will try my best and start with small steps and tomorrow will he the start thanks you max for all your advice and tips love you xx

  2. Stopppp Jamie!! You can do it and you just have to look harder and research babe. Schools, nurseries, youth clubs , theatres… so much diff ways to work with children. Write a list of places and the type of jobs that involve you working with children. You could start a kids club on the weekend in your local park… Take sometime and do some research. You can’t be doing retail for another 8 years your heart isn’t in it. I belive in you, now you start believing xxx

  3. I feel stuck, I im finding it difficult to find a job i’ll enjoy because I have a condition which stops me being able to drive and the jobs in my area are all retail, which im in already and have gone as high as I can.
    I just cant seem to find anything thay I can put my all in to.

    1. Hey Joe…. I can see why you feel stuck but honestly where there is a will there is a way. It’s difficult to see a way out and it may seem easier to just keep working in retail. But honestly if you start thinking about everything you enjoy and are good at by making a list, you will probably find other career oppotunties that you haven’t considered. I’m a DJ, host, Blogger but also a producer, great with ideas, creative, good with digital media. We al have loads of other skills that we just don’t realise. Start by thinking about what you would love to do and what it would take to di it. You might have to train, study on the side or start somewhere at the bottom but with the chance to grow and progress. Always options, don’t put yourself down, I have a condition too, alot of us do, just got to look after yourself and work out the best job for you x

  4. I studied games design degree for 2 years and found it incredibly diffcuilt for the year i was applying to not hear anything back my CV shown my creative side making it stand out its a area i was really passionate about and i see the industry in both development side and being a gamer myself however i learnt the music,mixing, photoshop learnt drawing skills, 3D modelling, game engine stuff, story telling just few things i learnt in the 2 years so i ended up doing volunteering till i found something however i had a major accident in my life so it prevented me to doing that job due to many factors now its not possible to but i ant downbeat about it things happened for a reason and other doors open but in the end i learnt a lot.

    1. Wow firstly well done you Chris!! You have managed to aqquire a ton of skills that will open loads of different doors for you depending on what you want to do. It sounds cool all the gaming and creative stuff. I think volunteering it great and shows you care and are willing to learn and give back. Employers love stuff like that and in general I think it’s a great way to share your skills and help others. I truly believe what goes round comes around and you are due lots of good stuff. Sorry to hear about the accident but you stay strong and I hope as you sound you are in a good place and working towards what makes you happy and complete. x

      1. Thanks Max certainly learn’t alot in a short space was really tough as i jumped in at the highest level of education not learning anything about it i really enjoyed the challenge i went through was close to quiting due to depression i suffering in 2014 were it was at its worst it did open so many doors to higher level jobs with the skills i have was so grateful to the man Alex who teached me PC skills and the lady Amy who learnt me all the skills in music with my creative vision i have a wider open mind something that helps my idol Mollie king inspired me to do vounteering as its a charty close to her heart i loved the time i had there was a lovely relexed energy i got from them and they were ever so grateful was sad when what happened stopped me going back but empolyees was impressed with my skills as i have a huge folder ie portfillio showing my work from art, drawings, 3D modelling, game engine work however they said it didn’t fit the role and they said i would be over qualied for a jounior role i kept postive and kept trying things are good don’t get me wrong times can be bad with condition i suffer but i try to be happy. X

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