24th May 2018

Are you doing a job or studying in an area that you are totally not enjoying?

I had lunch with 2 mates earlier this week, both work in recruitment which they hate. We started talking about happiness and ambition. Both guys are super smart, creative but lack confidence in taking a leap and doing what they really dream off.

They shared how uninspiring their jobs are and the lack of support or development they are getting. One wants to work in a creative industry but feels he doesn’t have any experience in that field while the other wants to restore classic cars but again worries about security and money.

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I think this is the norm for the majority of us. Somehow we get stuck in a rut doing stuff we are not enjoying or planned to. We think we have done it for soooo long and have to stick it out. But here is the thing, it’s never ever too late to hit the reset button, Stop telling yourself you are too old, young, the wrong gender, class or race to make it in whatever you would be excited to do every day.

Start by writing down all the skills and stuff you are awesome at.

Then think what jobs you can do that will allow you to showcase them fully and also most importantly that you will enjoy doing 5 days a week.

Start saving money if you are currently in a job and then start looking while researching for the type of job or course that you really want to do. A plan is important and a vision on how to execute it. The sooner you say it out loud to yourself the quicker you will make it happen. Once you change watch everything around you change. 

Don’t settle you deserve to live the best life.

Max xxx