18th June 2018

My recent obsession with Japanese culture has taken over my life alittle. I find myself gazing at images on Google, Instagram and wherever I can find them dreaming about being there. It’s such a beautiful, mysterious and fascinating part of the world to me.  I haven’t travelled half as much as my mates due to being a workaholic, but that’s all changing now.
I do plan to visit Japan and walk the streets of Hong Kong in a Kimono rocking a camera around my neck and fully live out that tourist dream of mine!!

bun 7

I wanted to share the coolest little bar that I discovered in a lowkey hidden spot in London recently.  It’s called “Beer and Buns” and yes the name totally sums up what you get with a load of hospitality.

The owner is super lovely, Irish and loves Japanese culture like me and has created a spot full of inspiration and energy.  They serve a traditional Korean steamed bun with a choice of yummy feelings and bottles of beautiful flavoured beers. Now I’m not a beer drinker but I love a good bun, cocktail and ambience.

IMG_6413bun 3IMG_6399

 The vibe of the place, the people around me and the staff that serve me is so important to me when deciding on a good night out. This place ticks all those boxes!

It’s open all week from 5pm till late and also incorporates a load of retro pinball machines that have the boys and some girls lined up having fun!
The walls are full with messages and tags people have left after enjoying nights out. Chalk is lying around waiting for you to grab and get involved.

 Beer and Buns has an awesome vibe and is intimate enough that you don’t feel totally lost in there. The music is more mood than clubby, with a huge projector showcasing Japanese cult movies. If you fancy something a little different but also relaxed I would recommend this place.

For more and to try out the ‘Beer and Buns’  yourself hit up the website. 

Max xxx