21st October 2017

This week I was invited to check out British designer Emma J Shipley’s latest interior collection
. Style isn’t just about what you wear but also about the way you live and what you surround yourself with. How many of us dream about that perfect house that one day we will own and decorate perfectly. Whatever your vision whether you imagine it being beautiful simple and modern or stunning and fabulous Emma’s designs will leave you feeling inspired.

Untitled design-40

The launch couldn’t of been in a better place, set on the Rooftop Gardens in the Barbican packed with great greenery with Emma’s interior pieces scattered around so perfectly. I’m so glad I discovered her by accident while scrolling through my addictive ‘Explore’ page on Instagram. I noticed her silk scarves on my timeline at first and then  discovered through Emma’s website that she does clothes, bags, notebooks and basically everything …But the main focus is the print and images she creates through her sketches that totally pop once they are transferred onto fabrics. She uses mainly beautiful silks, simple cotton, cashmere and wool.

The details and her obvious love for animals and nature has me totally fascinated. 

Untitled design-39

Emma is a young British designer who has spent the last 5 years creating a brand and business around her passion. This has resulted in the likes of Liberty London ( one of my fav places) stocking her and now Clarke and Clarke Interior wanting to collab with the young designer.

Untitled design-36

Vibrant colours on the accessories and furnishing including pretty statement wall papers and cushions made me feel almost like Alice in Wonderland. I literally wanted to have a tea party with a gang of mates.

Emma is super stylish and smart. I found her sweet, confident and a lady much like me who is super ambitious. She left me inspired and wanting her to basically decorate my entire flat, a girl can dream right.

Untitled design-38 Untitled design-37

I was thinking on the way back on a packed tube in London with my bestie Sarah by my side deciding which Nandos we were about to hit, how important it is to live in surroundings that make you enjoy being at home.

I live basically like a student even though I’m not one. London living is about convenience, your budget and most times renting with a mate. I now work from home so much more and I have to say my flat is not the most inspiring place but when you are renting you are almost stuck with someone elses personailty and rules. Plus space becomes a bit of an issue where you seem to create wardrobe space wherever you can find it!

Having said that I think Emma has left me wanting to change a few of the fixtures and fittings, without getting in trouble with the landlord….. Check out some of my fav pieces from the collection here and let me know what catches your eye

Max xxx