30th October 2018

Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola are awesome in this film.Subtle, heartfelt and just so very sensitive, portraying these complicated characters.

The basic synopsis is Rachel’s character Ronit returns from NYC after many years to a very traditional Orthodox Jewish community in London. She is mourning her father’s death alongside re-discovering her identity and why she initially left.

 DISOBEDIENCE is the story of love and responsibility at the heart of everything.

A battle of what is considered right by your community with what makes you really happy as a person. Ronit and Esti are so deeply in love, Esti is played by Rachel McAdams, who is so good in this. She is married to their teen best friend Dovid played by the brilliant Nivola. Dovid a young rabbi and next in line to take over the role of Ronit’s father as the highest rabbi. So many expectations and people to think of.

The twists of same-sex love, judgement, religion, pressure and eventually sacrifice is how the story ends. The passion and heat between the women is on another level, you feel that everytime they are alone. Trying so very hard to resist each other but failing everytime.

The sex scene between them is raw, passionate but so very natural that you find yourself drawn into the pain they both feel not being able to just be together.

And it’s not two hot women getting it on for the cameras. Instead, two very sad women, so in love but conflicted in faith and freedom of choice.

I recommend you check this out one Sunday afternoon and I’m sure much like us after the film will be in deep debate about the message, story and characters.

I have to mention that Rachel Weisz is someone very established now and in a lot of ways a mainstream name. I respect her so much for being brave and taking on a role like Ronit and pushing herself in a way I have never seen her before in film.

Rachel McAdams deserves accolades and awards for how incredible she is in this film.

 DISOBEDIENCE is out in the UK Now!