When you fall hard, but get right back up!

8th November 2018

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I had the chance to hang out with NFL star and all round dope person Jay Ajayi recently.

He has just unleashed his second streetwear collection YURP. The capsule collection is inspired by his British London Hackney roots, It’s packed with tees, hoodies and long sleeved sweatshirts. The look is clean, cool and chill with a positive message. Jay is super accomplished and a totally determined upbeat person. He may currently be injured but his drive and passion are on a next level to get back on top. Focused on recovering while launching YURP and travelling the world is a lot for some but not this guy!


We chatted the incredible Super Bowl win recently, his circle of supporters and the pressures the game puts on you. I also had to get his opinion on who should play Superbowl with Rihanna opting out. Maroon 5??? Super Bowl?? Really?

Jay also shares his admiration and respect for fellow NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his own thoughts on using his voice for change.

He has the best energy and left me feeling inspired and also with loads of respect for his will to stay positive and keep killing it. Check out our full chat below and feel free to leave a comment.

Max xxx