5th October 2017

Jhene Aiko released her new album last week, it’s called ‘Trip’ and is super stunning. I have always loved the way she doesn’t fit in from her sound, look to the way she shares her music. You won’t see weeks before Jhene PR stunting and going to the opening of an envelope to create hype before the release. I guess that shows confidence in her art and also integrity. I have met her a couple times and found her sweet, funny and incredibly smart to chat to. This week I watched the short film she has created alongide the music and I have to share it.

Jhene lost her brother awhile back to cancer sadly, she has always spoken about how close they both were and how much he influenced her music and passions.  To share such a personal side to yourself and in such an honest beautiful way makes me feel inspired and hoping it does the same for you. You will see how she has struggled with the loss and how she has tried to cope by dating the wrong guys and looking for the love she had with her brother. It’s a sad but hopeful story, let me know what you think.

Max xxx