12th January 2018


 A great book can inspire you, entertain you and also just be enjoyable. For the best book recommendations hit up my girl Ameriie’s Blog! I’m a bit of a book worm too but she is a total Queen when it comes to a great book.
I plan to share great books I have read and currently reading loads this year on my blog and on my Youtube Channel. My first recommendation is ’The Four Agreements:, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, by Miguel Ruiz. I carried this book in my bag for what felt like a year when I first got it awhile back. If you are an over-thinker and also find it difficult to deal with negative people and energy this book will be your bible. Miguel’s philosophies really will support you through tough times at home, uni or work, whatever situation you are in. Also it’s a small book so not too heavy to carry or read. I found myself reading certain pages over and over again when I most needed to change the way I was feeling to get me motivated again. If you find it really difficult to read and the idea of reading a book doesn’t blow your mind I would suggest audio books or subscribing to a great podcast. Check out a few of my favs below and don’t forget I host my own podcast too, #MaxInTheMix which features me chatting to cool amazing people.


 Take up a new hobby that has NOTHING to do with your work or ambitions. A little hard for me as I work in music, fashion, films and lifestyle so it’s so easy to go to a gig or the movies and then it goes from a fun thing to a work thing. I plan to take up cooking, and buy my first good cook book and school myself on creating healthy tasty dishes to share with my mates and family. I’m currently recovering from a yucky virus so have had a lot of time under a blanket on the sofa while watching TV mostly food related shows. I would love you to think about something you can do at least once a week just for fun, Spinning, Dancing, Boxing, Cinema, Design, Art or Photography, whatever you pick do it ‘JUST FOR FUN’. Remember the only rule is it can’t be an extension of your work, tell ambition to sit it’s ass down for once!


 Relationships are crucial to our lives whether it’s your best friend who you share everything with or the love of your life who you want to end up growing old with. Make time for those that truly love you no matter what, those unconditional peeps that just want you happy and at your best. Sometimes we prioritise our relationships by how long we have known someone and the history we share rather then the quality of the time you spend together. It’s so hard to spring clean your circle but trust me it will be the best thing for your happiness and energy this year. You can love people from far that right now don’t add positivity or smiles to your life. It’s more about self preservation, let me try and explain if you have someone in your life that seems to dictate everything and is self obsessed that’s not going to be healthy for you or your well being. I’m still learning when it comes to relationships and make mistakes with who I put my time and love into. But I do know this if you don’t make me at times laugh out loud snorting like a little pig or almost peeing myself you need to leave me alone. Good times and bad times we need as Drake would say ‘Real Ones’ around us. When it comes to your Boyfriend/Girlfriend the same applies and its even tougher when you fall in love and then you both start to change and try and hold onto something that isn’t there anymore.  I’m working the most this year on having a better relationship with myself. If I can be comfortable and happy with me then I will be more likely to attract the right people into my life who I can be totally myself around. Put yourself first that’s not in a narcissistic or selfish way it’s soooo important the time you invest in loving you in return will make you a better friend, work collegue or partner for someone else.

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 Ambition is such a wonderful thing but boy it’s also super possessive sometimes. It can take over your whole life if you don’t check yourself. I know I have put a lot of pressure on myself at times, realising balance is key. Don’t set yourself limits and let others talk you out of following those passions you have. I’m planning this week to write down all I want to achieve this year both personally and professionally. I find writing things down makes it feel more real then creating something on my notes on my lappy. Don’t be scared to write down all those amazing things you want to do however scared you feel saying it out loud. I really believe if we put it out in the universe and start visualising that job you have always wanted, that degree you want, that Country you want to move to you are one step closer to making it real. Here’s the thing, ready steady and pay attention… you deserve everything you desire, so go get it! 

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Now I’m never going to be a Formula 1 driver so there are times you need to be real with yourself. if you can’t dance one bit and want to be in the ‘Royal Ballet’ and no form of training can fix your lack of rhythm, that’s something that won’t happen sadly. However maybe you work in a different area in Dance behind the scenes and explore what other careers there are in this area. I know great managers who build careers for dancers and tour them around the world, so there are always options if you are willing to explore. I want you to make a deal with me stop saying you are not smart enough, good looking enough, connected enough, educated enough, the right age, the right sex or colour to do what it is you crave to do. Let’s support each other and stop comparing ourselves to other people and their journey, it’s not about being first but more about getting to that winning line in your way and own time. The end result will be the same so you start making that list and believe and achieve.

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 Health, mindfulness and fitness, I feel like this is the most important thing I want to work on this year. I got very sick recently and just kept working my little ass off rather then taking 5 and listening to my body and taking a break. I want to look after myself so much better, I don’t mean in just how I look but more how I feel. Training my body at the gym, or classes maybe even running isn’t just about how I look but really about how I feel. The fitter I feel the healthier my body will be and the more I can do all the things I want.  Food has always been a bit of a battle for me also working out regularly. I really want to learn to cook better and eat out less, it’s just lazy and also super unhealthy. I know you might think boring…… but this girl has far too many Nandos, Dominos and Busaba takeaways. When you prepare your own food you know exactly what’s in it and can make it fresh, plus cooking can be so much fun and theraputic. I’m planning to grab some great cook books and start becoming a little chef for me and my mates, I lov elearning new skills too. Mindfulness is sooooooo vital for all of us, what does it mean?? Well, it’s basically about taking care of your thoughts and how you feel and deal with everyday things. I have in the past suffered from depression and panic attacks  as have a lot of people I know. Thankfully now it’s getting more talked about and supported, so I don’t feel as embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it. This might sound random but I have a list I go to when I start feeling shit to stop it from taking over and controlling me. You have to work out what works for you, if you start feeling cold and coughing all the time you would take a lemsip, multi vitamins or go to your GP right….but why don’t you have go to methods for when you deal with mental illness?


Let me share a few things that I introduced last year that really helped me. Talk to someone you trust and love and share what you are going through. My cousin and one of my besties ( she is like a big sister) have been my support system. Talking about my feelings with the right person helps to calm me down and put things into perspective. I also really feel exercise is good  for stress and depression.  I took up power walking for an hour, four times a week. It wasn’t planned it just became a thing I did. While doing this I like to listen to motivating, interesting and inspiring Podcasts. I will do a separate post on my fav Podcasts (huge part of my life)  I will say Tim Ferriss, Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations and Marie Forleo are top of that list. It’s so comforting to hear other people sharing their highs and lows and how they got to their happy place, makes me feel alittle less alone and more positive.

I would love to know how you feel about 2018 and what you are wanting to do more of and those dreams that keep you awake at night. If you haven’t heard this in a while or ever I want you to know you flipping rock and you deserve everything. Please be happy and rock your shit this year and know you got me to talk to and so much more content coming to support all of us on this journey we call life. 

Love Max x

P.S Take breaks from social media especially Instagram monthly and be PRESENT in your real life.

9 thoughts on “5 THINGS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 2018!”

  1. Just what I needed to read and I certainly need to check that book out sounds great and helpful too and need to start getting in a new hobby to grown my confidence up not sure what it will be yet though

  2. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said there. It’s so true “balance is the key”. 2018 is the year that I put my happiness and mental health on the first place. I’ve stopped with college since last year, I was the unhappiest girl alive, my mental health was on the worst level and yeah maybe I put future on hold but what’s 1 year of your life? I’m 21 and I still don’t know what I want in my life. There are nights that I can’t sleep, because I just don’t know how my future will looks like. Life is so difficult sometimes if it comes to this subject. On the other side I’m a very happy person and try my hardest to be a good friend, daughter, … I appreciate my family so much. I think this year more than ever, I’m so grateful for them. ALSO cutting out some bad influences (bad friends) was one of the best things I did this year. I’m only surrounded by postive, loving, caring people and they make me so happy. I honestly could write so much here but I don’t wanna make it too long.. Haha!

    1. I’m currently going through the same thing where I’m not sure where I want my life to go or what job I want now and I’m 27 supposed to have this shiz sorted by now

      1. It’s ok I’m still figuring stuff out all my friends are too. Life is tough sometimes, you gotta give yourself a break. Try doing a mood board. In fact I need to do one. I’m thinking I will do one this weekend and show you and everyone else in our group how to make one too. It will totally help and be fun. You down?? How about the rest of you???? x

        1. My mind goes blank with it all so daunting really
          Yes I would love to know how to do a mood board sounds like a great idea defiantly up for it xx

    2. Lau ….. totally hear you!! 21 … you got ages. You can always go back into education if you want… I have friends who are older that are working and studying part time… Time was better now than back when hey were 18….
      Life is about happiness first, it’s really that simple. I know you love Ellie, even she has so much to deal with and is far from perfect. She is a amazing woman and such a role model, but I know she won’t mind me saying this but just like the rest of us she is work in progress. You gotta want to leap out of bed in the morning and if you don’t at the moment I know I wasn’t recently ( still working on it ) you have to change stuff. If you do everything the same way you always have, the outcome will be the same. I say take a chance, lead with your heart and do only what feels amazing and makes you grow and become the person you want to be …
      Babe this isn’t Twitter or IG you can write full essays if you want. lol xxx

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