23rd May 2019

Tailored blazers, carefully constructed corsets in oversize jackets and a blend of masculine with feminine shapes. All blended together in beautiful neutral palettes to give us the latest offering from FENTY!


Welcome to the world of Fenty and luxury fashion. Rihanna is CEO and the artistic director teaming up with iconic French Fashion House LVMH. She truly is breaking boundaries and continuing to grow as a creator in this space in such a fearless original way.

Spending some time looking and researching what inspires her and continues to push her to venture into new territories left me feeling and wanting to be a lot more kick ass in my own world and goals!


Here is a black woman from the Caribbean that is redefining the culture and crossing all races with a universal appeal. It’s important to acknowledge that Robyn Fenty is the first black woman to now be a owner of her own Paris Fashion House alongside Dior and Louis Vuitton. That’s something to celebrate but almost makes me feel alittle sad that it’s taken this bloody long??

I will say Rihanna like Beyonce has managed to capture the hearts of all women and young girls regardless of race and bacground. That is super rare and incredibly special.IMG_3151

The first drop is cool, clean and very wearable dubbed ‘Weopon’  The prices also not as expensive as she could of gone, makes me love her alittle more that she tried to think about all of us in all aspects of her creativity. Starting at around £333 for the sunglasses and £475 for the strappy heels. It still sounds like alot but bare in mind this is quite reasonable in the world of luxury fashion. Sourcing the best fabrics and tailoring Rihanna has spent more and stepped up her game to compete with the names leading in this area already.


She is supercharged to takeover the whole Summer with a new drop at the end of each month! Available from 29th May online to buy at Fenty.com alongside some surprise pop up shops in all the major European cities.

Oh and don’t worry she has a new album coming all Reggae vibes I’m hearing. Jamaican artist Kranium has been one of the lucky collaborators. Check out the collection below and let me know what you think in the comment section!

Max x