Jacquemus …….we luv ya!

27th February 2019

Simon Porte Jacquemus we love you and the beautiful clothes you create for women.

He is French and been designing professionally since 2013. ‘Jacquemus’ surrounds himself with family, friends and most importantly believes in following his heart. In the fashion world, there are very few people that create a different voice that’s so needed for change and perspective.

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His most recent collection is beautiful, bright, hopeful, strong, sexy, fun and also very much for that female boss! Instagram has been the place he has captured a huge fanbase over the years and made quite a name for himself.  He also is a designer that truly represents diversity within the women that wear his clothes and the actual creations themselves.

Fans including Beyonce, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner. Simon is well on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in Fashion.

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His clothes tell a story that you want to be a part of, although the pieces can be sexy they are equally just as empowering and bold. Fabrics flowing, no expense spared, extravagance yet so very accessible.

Fashion can be so elitist so it’s so nice to have a designer who truly resonates with all of us. We say invest in a gorgeous piece you will not regret it.

Jacquemus is the man right now in Fashion!