13th August 2018

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Time to switch up your morning routine so you day goes the best way possible. Let’s start by listing all the things we need to stop doing.

1 Stop sleeping with your phone next to you and on (vibrate even silent is still not a good idea, stop fooling yourself)

2 Scrolling on social media first thing and checking out the worlds best showreels of their lives, mostly fake and very rarely a real reflection of what they are doing or feeling. It makes you feel crap and have you comparing what you don’t have or are doing rather than be in a positive space.

3 Calling back moaning colleagues and friends that want to vent about life before you have even wiped the sleep from your eyes.

4 Eating a load of high carbs and fats with caffeine. It will make your body crave more carbs and sugars rather than feel fuelled up with the right stuff to feel energized for the day.

5 Don’t check out online gossip on sites like DailyMail and Buzzfeed.  Also no returning emails before you have ven left for work, Uni, College or School. Why fill your mind with he said she said??? Come on you are better than that.

The way you start your day totally determines how the rest of the day will go. Most of the people I admire from Oprah to Marie Forleo all start their day with an awesome routine and swear by it.

Put your phone on airplane mode, set your alarm wake up atleast 30min earlier than you need to. This routine will help you get into a good mindset and be more productive and happier as you day unfolds.

Ready steady and pay attention.

1 Set your alarm and make your bed as soon as you wake up, which in my case is so quick just pull the duvet straight and put the 4 pillows nicely together. The theory is if you make your bed you are completing a task straight away and subconsciously it will help you continue that way with everything else in the day. Grab a hot water with some lemon or a green tea also, great for your digestan.

2 Meditataion is one of the best ways to get your mind right. It’s not the easiest thing to master or be comfortable to do straight away. It’s taken me months and I’m still working on it. There are great guided ones on Youtube and also Podcasts available to get support like Headspace.
Spend atleast 3 min and work towards 10min. This will be life changing so keep at it, remember practice makes perfect.

3 10 min exercise, walk around the block or some circuit style exercise moves in the living room or back garden. Get the blood circulating and your body moving. It will make you feel awake and pumped.

4 Gratitude is so very important and also a great reminder why your life is prity awesome. Say it out loud or write it down down in a diary all the things you appreciate, from family, friends to your health and talent.

5 Spend a few minutes visualising all the things you are working towards personally and professionally. From happiness to your first house or that job you really want. What you put out in the universe is what you get back. The more you believe in what you want and say it out loud to yourself the more you will prioritise these things. The power in your intention is so very powerful.

Once you have done these things which shouldn’t take more than 30 min grab a shower and a nice breakie and hit the road.

Adapt the method and work out what works best for you. You could do everything during a 30min walk ? Or at home totally about you and how you connect best.

Every new habit takes atleast 3 weeks to get going so set yourself that goal. Let me know how you get on and also any tips you think could help others. Share in my comment section below and remember if you mess up one day don’t beat yourself up over it. Tomorrow is a new day so just start again you got this.

Max x