27th September 2017

Hey Guys…. I’m currently sitting in a plush hotel in London returning emails and sipping on tea. Plans got changed last minute, I was supposed to go somewhere working on a new project, but got postponed last minute. So rather then head back home I decided to put down these incredibly heavy bags and work from one of my fav little spots.


I have my baby Beats in ears on listening to Jhene Aiko’s new beautiful project ‘Trip’. On a separate note I love her you know, she doesn’t follow anyone and just drops music and people that embrace it good, and those that don’t she doesn’t seem to care or chase popularity.

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I spoke to a mate earlier Danny who is one of the few people I know that is independent and winning. Although he thinks he really hasn’t figured it out and is just about emotionally and financially coping. I think he is being hard on himself as he is running his own company and has created an awesome team around him.

It’s interesting though as Danny is no different to me in the sense that I spend more time looking at what I’m not achieving then what I am. Do you do that? Almost totally ignore all your wins and instead be your own biggest critic.

I feel so confused sometimes, life seems to be going well but I want to do so much more and still haven’t totally found that feeling of total completion.

Success for me is being happy in all aspects of my life. Ambition is an awesome thing but so is having good relationships with friends, family and your other half. Other half is defo an area that I’m not anywhere near to working out and knowing how to make work in this busy life of mine.

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I keep wanting to delete my Instagram recently, why? I hear you ask….

It doesn’t inspire or entertain me that much, if I’m honest I find is distracting and also a place to feel whatever you are doing is never as good as those perfect images and videos on your timeline that others post.

Following dope inspiring people like Marie Forleo and Jessica Alba does help but I still have 60 percent of just people like me who are either figuring themselves out or those that spend their time showing off and creating a perfect character to share with the world. Most times it’s fake and really not a true representation of their lives or opinions.

The saddest thing is I have friends that are so stressed with life right now but when I see them on my timeline they are hiding behind the perfect video, photo or Boomerang. I’m not saying we all should start being totally negative on Instagram but balance is key in life and should be reflected the same on social media as it’s the new way to communicate with the world now.

What’s scary is this ….so if you look happy, successful and beautiful on your instagram but your life is crap or difficult do you start buying into that fake persona you created? Rather then be real and face it, resulting in change?

I try and reflect who I am and my thoughts as much as poss. It’s difficult for me as I run a blog and also share content around music, film and lifestyle that I would love you to check out. Also that’s a big part of me, like right now blasting music in my ears while I share my thoughts, so tbh it’s my truth!

Ever look at your timeline and wonder wtf is going on in the world??

There isn’t any big conclusion to this post, but I want you to know it’s ok I feel it too. Sometimes confusion, fear and not sure I’m making all the right decisions stresses me out.

But let’s not give up, find a way to work out who you are and what makes you happy. Spend a little less time looking for validation and more on personal happiness.

Love ya!

Max xxx