9th August 2019

Tori Kelly is back in the U.K on tour with her band. She recently dropped her incredible album ‘Inspired by True Events’. This tour promises to be incredible and intimate with Tori performing some of her biggest hits old and new. We are giving one of you the chance to WIN an exclusive sound check experience with the lady herself, during her London show at the Roundhouse on the 19th March 2020. This will give you VIP early entry to the venue. A chance to hang out with Tori during her pre-show soundcheck, plus a special gift and signed poster.

To WIN, can you tell us what drink Tori sings about on her album?

Leave your answer with a contact email in the comment section below. One winner will be selected randomly from all the correct entries. Competition will end on Friday 13th March at 10am. The winner will be announced the same day. Good luck.

What was she about to unleash into the world? Was she even ready?

Tori’s fans march to her every beat, mostly young women between the ages of 15-25. Here is an artist over the last 7 years that has managed to hold onto her audience, in an ever changing industry. They see her as a friend, an idol and someone in the game showcasing something so necessary.


When I chatted to some of the fans amongst the thousands that queued for hours to get a front position at her Islington Assembly Room show, they told me how she reminds them to be their authentic selves and how her songs have helped them through so many difficult times. I don’t know if Tori ever knew picking up that guitar and writing songs in her bedroom would end up impacting so many peoples lives in such a beautiful empowering way.

The album ‘Inspired By True Events’ showcases a woman that has gone through so much sadness, loss, struggles yet her faith and family have kept her going. Tori has truly given us her all in these emotional, stunning songs with pretty heartfelt interludes that will make you feel all reflective and reminisce on your childhood growing up.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 23.18.13

A man that has to be applauded for his contribution and support on this project is the wonderful Jimmy Napes ( JessieWare/Kwabs/MaryJBlige/Disclosure)

 Other dope contributors include Mike Elizondo, Taylor Monet Parks, Nate Campany, Bruno Major and Noel Zancanella.

Tori recently got married and it’s obvious when you are around her to see how incredibly happy she is and how much her new husband André Murillo has contributed to that. He was at her London show, watching his new wife like the biggest fan in the room, filming her every move on his phone.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 21.37.43

This album reflects the time in the middle when you don’t see the good that is always around the corner. Yes there are so many sad moments that make you want to just cry and be in your feelings but there is so much hope and love laced in all that pain also.

Tori is that beautiful person that makes you feel the world isn’t as messed up as the media and social media will have you believe. She brings hope, a necessary point of difference as a female in the music game plus a reminder that passion and talent are unstoppable.

‘Inspired By True Events’ is a beautifully crafted album, sequenced like a film giving you deep insights into how love, pressure and loss can affect you in the deepest ways.

Stream and download the album here. Leave your comment below and share your thoughts.