30th April 2024

Apple TV+ debuts trailer for the new documentary series “Hollywood Con Queen,” featuring

the unbelievable story of one of Hollywood’s biggest scams, premiering globally May 8

From Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Chris Smith, the three-part documentary explores the incredible story of an international con artist impersonating the entertainment industry’s most powerful women

A mysterious figure dubbed the ‘Con Queen’ impersonates the industry’s most powerful women, luring unsuspecting victims to Indonesia with the promise of a life-changing career opportunity. The ‘Con Queen’s marks exhaust their personal finances in pursuit of a big break, while being exploited in a perverse psychological game spanning the globe. The scam eventually draws the attention of veteran investigative journalist Scott Johnson of The Hollywood Reporter, and dedicated private investigator Nicole Kotsianas, who set out to find the truth, only to discover a story more strange than they could have imagined.