11th March 2017

‘What you think about most, will control your mind’

 If I spend all day worrying and stressing about life that includes relationships and work, will it change anything? No all it will do is take hours, days, weeks and even months of time that you could be using to do things that make you happy and feel like you’re growing as a person.

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I remember Tony Robbins who I love saying once ‘If you are not progressing, that’s when you will feel the most lost and unhappy’. That’s not just with work but also with relationships with friends and your partner. I have always been an over thinker and find it one of my most frustrating qualities but the fact I know I do it makes me more aware to try and control it.

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Recently I have met a few fellow bloggers and what I have found surprising is how much they just want followers and likes. I was hoping to bump into fellow creative girls and boys, who much like me have started a blog to share a passion in something they love and want to share. If your motivation is money and to be a famous influencer I wonder what happens when and if you get there. Will you be happy or be so caught up in this fake world of wanting to be like all these characters you follow on Instagram that you really have no idea who you really are and what you want to contribute to this crazy world we live in.

I have so much love for bloggers like Fleur De Force, Negin Mirsalehi, Aimee Song. Meghan Markle, Sazan Hendrix and Chiara Ferragn. Here are a bunch of ladies that have created a space to share fashion, beauty, entertainment and stuff that makes them smile and feel alive. With passion, time and a lot of hard work they have managed to attract a load of people that love what they do, which is so dope!


My blog for me was originally an outlet to be creative with no rules. I don’t have a boss, a producer or anyone telling me what to write about or talk about. As it’s grown over the last few months I have loved getting your responses and seeing which features connect with you most. A big part of my blog is to create a space to talk about everything in an honest way with you guys.

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I love connecting with like minded people that includes the guys too. I’m sorry that sometimes I create content with young women in mind and forget about you. But I see there are a lot of you that follow me on Twitter and Youtube so I totally want you to feel you have a place to be a part of my world.

Sometimes people are not that welcoming when you start something new whatever that is, but that’s ok. Don’t focus on those few and beg their attention. If you have that one amazing mate or readers that totally support you that’s way more important and inspiring.

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If I look at other people with envy rather than applaud them and feel inspired it will leave me in such a negative place. Comparisons are probably one of the worse traits we have as people. Everyone has their own story and sometimes it’s not how it seems. Social media is a snapshot of someones life not the real thing.

I find myself saying this so much but really take some time to watch, read, subscribe to things that will empower you and entertain you. Also be careful of the company you keep, if you trying not to be a part of a negative world but they are it can drag you down too.

A spring clean is needed every few months. Look at your followers on your timeline, are they inspiring or distracting you from your goals. Also do they make you smile or make you feel crap? Today I didn’t want to go to the gym but I met 2 lovely girls at Kehlani’s gig this week who both happened to be bloggers too. Steph and Paige are all about fitness and healthy eating. This morning Steph posted a vid on her Instagram training and it inspired me to get my ass to the gym. A lot of the other people on my timeline were posting selfies at clubs, boob shots and bullshit. Do you get my point?


Also style is something I’m obsessed with and I really can’t say this enough, don’t let anybody make you feel you can’t wear something and have no right to want to enjoy and wear high fashion. There is so much snobbery online when it comes to what brands you wear from clothes, bags, shoes to make up. It really doesn’t matter, wear whatever works for you and within your budget. My make-up is a combination of different type of brands.

Foundation :Nars

Powder Laura Mercier & Mac

Lipliner  Barry M + Nars + Lorial

Lipstick Nars + Mac

Concealer : Mac + Nars

Mascara Sephora + Max Factor

Eye Shadow  Bobbi Brown


Clothes wise I also mix and match. I love designers like Erdem, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Givenchy. But can I afford a wardrobe full of just them…. hell noo!! Although I wouldn’t say no.. lol


I’m a huge fan of the high-street and new designers like Jamie Wei Huang and Sadie Williams. The pressure we put on ourselves to fit in is ridiculous. I think style isn’t what you wear but how you wear it. Look at someone like Zoe Kravitz she can wear a Wang gown and look like a goddess but can also wear head to toe casual denim and look just as hot. Proving my point it’s your personal style that elevates the clothes you wear not necessary the name on the tag.

zoe zoe 2

This is a long post I know, but had a few things that were on my mind that I felt like sharing. Do you have days like this? Do you often think about all these pressures we put ourselves through? Or am I alone as a super over thinker??

Max xxx

3 thoughts on “TIME FOR A SPRING CLEAN …….”

  1. What I love the most about you is that you ALWAYS inspire me in every single way. Reading your tweets on my timeline, or reading your blogposts and watching your Youtube videos is something what motivates me in my daily life and this is something that we all need.
    And guess what, I’m an overthinker too. I think there are many people like this out there. But like you said it’s the people we surround with. They can lift us up or drag us down.
    Always be YOU Max cause you are a huge inspiration for us girls out here and all around the world. ♥️

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