18th January 2019


It’s been nineteen years since Director M. Night Shyamalan unleashed his first movie ‘Unbreakable’.

Starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson for a first-time filmmaker he managed to get 2 of the biggest names in Hollywood and create a whole lot of noise with the action-packed heartfelt comic inspired tale.
Meeting Night we can now see how much he truly is invested in the characters he has created and fulfilling both his own desires alongside the stars of the films and the fans. Think about that for a minute pleasing yourself is hard enough most of the time let alone a group of super successful actors and the rest of the world.

We feel however great ‘Glass’ is it will inevitabilty leave some with ridiculous expectations and never satisfied. In a funny way that’s a good thing… wait… hear us out… When you create something so special that people connect to it and feel they almost have a right over it, proves you have done your job and so much more. People have invested in your story and the characters you have created to tell it. We want David Dunn to continue saving people from bad guys and Elijah Price to feel accepted and Kevin Wendell Crumb to escape the security of The Hoard and find real love.


With all that said please watch both ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ before you head to the cinema to watch ‘Glass’ it will totally make more sense and be more enjoyable that way we promise.

The first 20 min is a little slow and might have you thinking maybe this isn’t going to be as good as you hoped… BUT stick it out because it gets a lot better and you will leave satisfied. Also, you will be left wondering what Night now will do with the fourth one, the ending is super dope.

Samuel is brilliant in this and Sarah Paulson makes for a great addition to the cast, we adore her. Anya Taylor-Joy is also good in her role as the sole survivor from the last movie ‘Split’ where James McAvoy’s character ‘The Beast’ spares her life.


We loved that Night brought back the original actors from the first film to play their older selves Spencer Treat Clark is now 30- years old and grown up playing Joseph Dunn …and Charlayne Woodard is back at Elijah’s badass mum.
Glass is out now ENJOY and let us know what you think!