6th March 2017

Rihanna is truly someone so special in music and fashion. I’m totally obsessed with her and find her inspiring, incredible and super dope. She is always a step ahead of everyone else whether it’s her style or in the music she creates. I have met her once and chatted to her and found her super sweet and incredibly warm and funny. She hasn’t become a bitch or a diva even though she has spent the last 10 years at the top of her game. I find that rare and very refreshing.

She breaks all the rules and has every guy wanting to wife her but does she intimidate other women ?? No is the simple answer, she is that girl you can approach and know you will not get blasted unless her security are in front and she can’t see you! (lol)

She is an original with beauty and energy that is infectious. I know I’m fan-girling, but I can’t help it she is a babe!!

ri 2 ri 3

Tonight she took over Paris and made it rain with her second FentyxPuma collection. Once again she has been influenced by music her Caribbean culture and love of couture fashion. Rihanna manages to incorporate all these different styles creating this melting pot of hotness.

This time around she has elevated her designs and created a collection for every day wear. I truly love how much she has grown and watching her backstage prepping the models as they hit the specially designed desks turned runway shows this is really important to her.

Riri riri 2

She took us back to school from the desks, to the books! Reminding us to wear our clothes half off and almost like we don’t care what we look like! Just be a rebel and do what the hell you want. Oversized, tartan, tracksuits, hoodies, gothic and baggy cool boots all were featured in this collection!! With her family and friends like Cara Delevigne and Future all sat like good little kids at their desks she looked so very happy once the show was done, Congrats Robyn you did it again!!

Max xxx