14th February 2017

The new Coach 2017 collection with Selena Gomez has landed at NYFW! Sel sat front row with Anna Winter looking every bit the fashion icon! I do wonder how Anna really enjoys the clothes, the colours and designs with her shades always on…..Anyway I found the pieces super pretty, lots of floral print with over sized almost industrial style jackets and coats. There was also that whole country bumpkin feel to the clothes and the surroundings. I’m a little confused that Selena is the face of this collection if I’m honest, I don’t think any of this collection embodies the personailty and style she shares every day??

sel 1 sel 2

The nearest to these looks I would say is when she rocked Louis Vuitton and changed up her style for about 6 months Having said that maybe this is a side of her style she hasn’t felt confident or ready to share. She does look stunning and tbh would look good in anything! I would defo wear the oversized jacket and some of the dresses but not together with other simple pieces that I already have in my wardrobe. Most of the collection is very statement and ‘look at me’. I love the cute bags and clutches, while the footwear is super cute and feels like it’s taken from a childrens story book.

Let me know your fav pieces and what you think of the collection in the comment section below.

Selena has also teamed up with Kygo and this new track ‘It Aint Me’ I like it!!!

Love Max x

sel 5