21st December 2016


Thanks @missduverney running badly 😜

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This morning one of my besties and I had a convo all about eating way too much and putting on so much extra weight over the last few months. Her theory is if you love food you can’t be slim?? We are defo foodies BUT I have to disagree. I have ben eating like it’s Christmas for the last 6 weeks if I’ m honest! So many parties and birthdays, with bad food hard to ignore! Popcorn is my fav go to snack at the moment and I love a muffin with a Vanilla Chai Latte. I have gone from training 4 times a week to hardly any working out which hasn’t helped the extra podge. I do think however we can do something about it without feeling totally annoyed and craving food… you ready?? t7 Treats once a week not every day as I have been doing. Also don’t eat the same breakfast everyday rotate between wholemeal toast, scrambled eggs and tea with porridge and fruit. Breakfast is such an important meal of the day so do it right. Even try rice cakes with almond butter and slices of banana, pop in the grill for 5 min and enjoy, tastes amazing! rice Exercise wise I have NEVER been someone who can workout at home as I have no space really, but this is going to change. I have such an all over the place schedule that I now can’t always get to the gym when I want. Plus it’s so cold and sometimes I can’t face the Winter weather! dumbells So I need to invest in an exercise mat and some dumbells. Youtube is awesome for 30 min workouts or even longer if you have the time. Also Yoga classes are amazing and easy to follow. Check out a couple of channels I have discovered that will be great for you. julie Meet Julia Buckley who runs an online gym!! I met her through Twitter and will be trying out her workouts through her website. She does programmes on her website that are visual and include food options. Julia is great at explaining and encouraging you how to do the moves and stay motivated. This is a cool alternative to the gym and means you can work out from home. The subscription does come with a cost for more details hit up her website. t6 Also most important tip I can give that I’m doing a lot more is walking and being outdoors!! I know its cold, but wrap up loads, check my layering tips on the blog and enjoy the outdoors!!  christ-11 Don’t feel fat and hopeless, start today and believe me when I say these changes will totally help you lose that chub!! Luv MAX!