1st May 2018

I checked out Amy Schumer’s brand new movie ‘I Feel Pretty’ this week. As I sat there on my huge velvet chair at the rather beautiful Soho House ( please can we do all screenings here) and chumped on what I tell myself is low fat popcorn I truly wanted the movie to be everything.

After watching numerous interviews including one Amy did with Queen Oprah I had very high expectations. She has spoken in length on how important this role was for her and wanting to empower women all over the world. Even with all the hype and discussion around it I’m pleased to say I totally enjoyed the film. It was funny, smart, thoughtful, sad, real and uplifting, without being patronising.

Amy Schumer stars as Renee in I FEEL PRETTY
Amy Schumer stars as Renee in I FEEL PRETTY

‘I Feel Pretty’ has the same charm Bridget Jones gives you but with a twist of ‘Girl Trip’ thrown in and a slice of ‘Mean Girls’.  

A diverse cast that includes Michelle Williams,  Emily Ratajkowski, Naomi Campbell and a cameo from Dave Chappelle to my surprise.

Naomi Campbell and Michelle Williams star in I FEEL PRETTY
Naomi Campbell and Michelle Williams star in I FEEL PRETTY

Amy Schumer stars in I FEEL PRETTY
Amy Schumer stars in I FEEL PRETTY

This is a story about how you sabotage yourself by the lack of love and confidence you give to yourself.

From the job you want, the relationship you crave and most importantly your own personal lack of kindness or love to yourself affecting you in such a bad way. Renee played by Amy hates her reflection and has let the way she perceives herself become her reason some would say excuse to not live the life she truly dreams off!

I think this is an important movie for not only young women but older ones to and guys.

We all get sooooo set in our ways with rules that we create that sometimes are absolutely crap. But somehow we just can’t see a way out, I feel ugly so I must be and everyone else must feel the same way about me???
That’s not true, beauty is soooo diverse and based around more than just your skin, hair and body. The film shows how changing the way you think about yourself can result in you not only being happier but also living that life you think you feel you can’t.

Aidy Bryant, Busy Philipps, and Amy Schumer star in I FEEL PRETTY
Aidy Bryant, Busy Philipps, and Amy Schumer star in I FEEL PRETTY

Also it’s not about just being hot, what about being smart and funny???

Come on guys don’t say no-one cares about those things, I know I  do. I don’t feel like the hottest girl in the room but I don’t want to be either if I’m honest, that pressure and obsession with my image would be too much to deal with.

I do want to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin but I don’t want to be defined by it, do you?  If you really want that job… unless it’s wearing a bikini for Victoria Secrets your personality, experience and how smart you are will matter a lot more.

Rory Scovel and Amy Schumer I FEEL PRETTY
Rory Scovel and Amy Schumer I FEEL PRETTY

Amy Schumer rocks for being brave and honest in portraying this role and becoming that girl all of us live with at some point in our lives.

She nails this role and has totally shared her own experience by putting her heart on her sleeve to help the rest of us while getting paid too!

Will the movie change your life?? I don’t know but it will help you realise you are more than just a pretty face. Be kinder to yourself and work on your self love and confidence so you can start living that life you deserve.

          Max xxx



18 thoughts on “‘I FEEL PRETTY…..DO YOU???’”

  1. This movie is a MUST-WATCH movie. A friend of mine and me are going to watch the movie. I feel so proud of the fact that Amy Schumer is starring in such an important movie. Sadly I have lack of self-confidence cause of going through bullying, And still these days I notice how cruel people can be. It’s way too easy to call other people ugly. We are all different in our own ways and beautiful. I obviously wouldn’t call myself beautiful but my opinion is that everyone is beautiful. PLUS being kind and helpful makes YOU beautiful. This is what we want! More kindness cause this is what I call beautiful ❤️

    1. Yes babe, beauty is more than what we look like. We all have insecurities and feel ugly at times.. but we have to challenge those thoughts and be kinder to ourselves and how we treat ourselves. Beauty is everything, your vibe, attitude, sense if humour, ideas and personality….Enjoy the film you will love it xxx

  2. I never feel pretty and have very little confidence in myself but really want yo see this movie

  3. I stil have the watch it ahhhh! Confidence and self-love takes A LOT of time. I’ve been struggling with these issues for years. It took me so long to become where I am today. We all have a different opinion about being or looking perfect. But honestly? Perfect doesn’t exist. Loving yourself is so important. Being kind to your body is so important. Being happy and healthy is MOST important.

    1. Yes Lau .. you figured it out… Kindness is everything…. we are work in progress but perfection doesn’t exist. And guys I chat to loads of famous girls and they feel exactly the same sometimes worse. They have stylists, money, clothes and still feel crappy. It’s totally about loving yourself and focusing on the things that make you happy.
      P.S You will love the movie xxx

      1. Hey Heather….. thanks for sharing your poem, it’s so dope…. love poetry …. I keep a diary totally diff I know but feels nice to put my words down… you are talented x

        1. Max—thank you so much for your kind words. if you want to see more of my poems check me out on insta: hurleygirl550
          i follow you on there & twitter.
          i used to keep a diary, but within the last year got back into poetry. it’s always good to write down thoughts & feelings so they don’t get bottled up. i really admire all that you do. i’ve been following you since you were on dj at capital fm. you even read out one of my tweets on air in regards to one of jessie j’s songs.

          keep doing YOU!!

          1. Heather you have amde me smile… such a stressful day …
            Thanks for all the support and glad you are doing your thing…
            My blog is the best place to chat and connect. I’m starting a new community .. a group of peeps that luv similar things…. feel free to join. Just DM email xxx
            p.s Will check out your other poems x

  4. I haven’t watched this film yet but it looks amazing! Self confidence and self love takes a lot for girls because we have so many beautiful role models that we look up too and compare ourselves too. I hate my body and the way I look but the hospital and my doctor gave me a huge boost in self confidence today by telling me I’d lost nearly over a stone I was so happy but beauty truly comes from within and not just looks

    1. Whoop whoop go gal!! Beauty is soooo different from Rihanna to Anne-Marie.. .. Ashley Graham, Beyonce, Ellie, Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Selena, Lupita… Amy Schumer… I want you to watch this movie and I bet you love it and feel inspired by it… plus it’s funny as hell x

  5. I do love all this inspiring talk on here today… Alina self love is the way forward, but not always easy for most of us… Glad you worked it out…, See Becca … you have to keep challenging those thoughts and work on replacing them with positive things you love about yourself. Nothing amazing happens overnight but Alina you are right… don’t give up and work on it. Plus surround yourself with the right energy and do stuff that you literally get gasssed to do… xxx

    1. Will give it a go and try and not be so hard on myself just have never been confident in myself or around others but hopefully will get better in time

        1. Thanks max all these comments have defiantly helped me realise a lot and thank you for creating a blog where we can all talk and share stuff together xx

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