“I release my album and I think what an earth am I going to put in the genre box” LIDO!

23rd August 2020

I think I’m very Norweigien in this way, I definitely treasure time by myself. I don’t thrive over attention and it doesn’t  do that much for me. Realistically I’m doing a lot more physical work with my music which means I have less time for bullshit.
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Lido MUSIC https://open.spotify.com/album/3YjRY4…
MEET this week’s guest a multi talented musician hailing from Norway and now living in L.A. Lido ( Peder Losnegård ) is someone who has become known for being an innovator, even a rule breaker some could say, making music totally out of the box. 
The intention for me moving to L.A was like, I love doing this artist thing I’m doing in Norway but realistically if I want to make money off my music I should be there. I love stepping into other people worlds and kind of exploring their boundaries and pushing them to make something as much as them as possible, That feels very free to me, it feels like I can go in and not worry about who I am and just make music through someone else. Then I have this other side, the artist side where I’ve always treated that as the place I’m trying to learn new stuff, where I’m trying to grow, where I can really push myself to do the things that may be too extreme or different for other people.
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Lido grew up in an environment that allowed him to find his one expression and voice. Heavily influenced by his father and the love of Gospel music while creatively driven by his heroes like Frank Ocean, Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones and Kanye West. An artist that is bridging the gap between R&B and electronic music to create a sound that is different but also reflective of the time we are living in right now.
I always want to impress and hopefully inspire some people with this, mostly I’m just very excited to get this music out. This album has been completed for quite awhile, I’m working on so many other things now, just excited for everyone to hear it.
Lido has managed to collaborate with a bunch of eclectic musicians from Chance The Rapper, Jaden Smith, Halsey to future stars like Col3trane and Ella Mai. He is getting ready to unleash a new album on September 18th, which he has described as a bit of a fictional story based on his favourite childhood book ‘The Little Prince’.
I made up this little story about this boy who was born on a spaceship, there is no music on the spaceship. One day he stumbles across a radio station accidentally and discovers music in this very isolated box, with no rules, no instruments and nothing really. He tries to make music, so that’s the guidelines and my favourite book in the entire world is ‘The Little Prince’ very much inspired by his journey. He lands on earth in the desert so that was like the premise for the ‘Rise Video’ and all of these videos about this kid who is exploring.
Alongside the project Lido plans to release a concept second album which will have his artist friends interpreting versions of the songs. Sounds a little crazy but that’s what makes Lido, Lido. Most people would worry about taking the attention away from the new album, sales, exposure even chart positions but instead he sees the artistic exciting fun side of re-creating his work through the eyes of his musical friends. It also shows someone who is secure in themselves feeling happy to share his moment with others.
It’s the first project I have made that I’m down to listen to in my own time. Everything else I have ever made I’m proud of but a lot of the music is kind of dense and heavy in terms of the listening experience, it’s not really comfortable to have on in the background. It’s very much attention demanding music in a way. On this album my experiment was how can I make choices and do things that are still exploratory but that don’t have a jarring energy to them. This album It’s a more comfortable listening experience with structural choices and harmonic choices.

 We chatted to Lido over Zoom from his home in L.A. He spoke in detail about this new album, his vision and what he has learnt from being in the studio with some of the worlds most creative people.