25th July 2017

Reasons why Rihanna’s new make up range ‘Fenty Beauty’ is killer!! Ok it’s fair to say I’m totally obsessed with the girl, come on who isn’t?? That attitude, voice, beauty and fearless sweet approach to everything she does is addictive as hell. The days I listen and watch her videos fantasizing what it would be like to be her for one day. Would I be more daring, take more chances, take less shit??

When she announed on her IG earlier this year she was dropping her own ‘Fenty Beauty’ I literally got excited as hell. Forget I’m a fangirl for a moment, this woman has the most fun when it comes to her style especially with her make up. She takes risks and creates different characters with each face she wears. Vibrant, sexy, sweet, naughty, edgy, pretty, gothic, beautiful, mysterious… you get the picture right!


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Fenty Beauty is out now and available at Sephora stores worldwide plus Harvey Nichols. The prices are very afforadble between £16- £26.The range features 40 foundations, a shade for all of us, highlighter/blush palettes, primers, contour kits, blotting powder and some great brushes. What is really apparent is the fact that she was determined to cater to as many different skin types as possible. The foundations don’t just have a token few darker shades instead there are 40 different colours dedicated to everyone from white, brown, black and olive tones. I love that Rihanna has really thought about what different women want and need in their make-up bag!


The campaign looks beautiful with a strong message on diversity!! It’s super important that Rihanna has created a message behind the products from her choice of models to the way the visuals have been filmed.

I expect the second drop to arrive just in time for  Christmas. I predict vibrant eye shadow palettes, liners and lip colours!! Rihanna has spent 2 years creating ‘Fenty Beauty’ expect a lot more to come. The collection is stunning, simple and very distinctive!! Congrats RiRi you rock!!

Max xxx