1st June 2017

Sundance London at the Picturehouse Central was so awesome. I had such a great time and totally feel inspired and full of energy from all the super creative film makers I chatted to. Sundance is all about supporting awesome films especially those that are made independently by passionate talented people.

amber 4 sun 1

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 I have spent hours in dark pretty screening rooms watching a whole load of awesome new movies. It’s a great opportunity to geek out and enjoy a diverse array of incredible films, passionate, scary, sad, though provoking, weird and wonderful. Sitting with the people behind these cool new movies and chatting about the process and how determined they were to make these films left me feeling excited for what is coming in 2017!

I felt such a connection and so much admiration. I know being independent myself at the moment that however exciting it is, it’s twice as hard work and can be incredibly tough at times. Hearing their stories today of years spent on creating these epic movies and not giving up on their art and dreams made me feel so very happy. There is something quite beautiful about being on a rooftop in central London at my fav cinema with awesome people. Get involved by hitting up the Picturehouse and below are some trailers to get you ready for a load of rather cool movies out soon.

Max xxx