17th June 2019

Sinead Harnett has stuck to her love of R&B and not let pressure from anyone make her switch.

She has worked with some incredible people including Snakehips, Grades and Wiley. I admire her conviction and passion to create music that she truly loves, influenced by 90’s R&b and Soul.

Sinead has gone through quite a journey and still is, but I think it’s been necessary and made her much better for it.

When she first dropped music, she was that girl with a great voice, but sometimes shying away in the background. I think with time her confidence and talent has grown and she has found her place also sound. Comparison and expectation can be a bitch so to take a deep breath and be patient is a beautiful thing and difficult as hell.

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With a recent Puma Campaign and a growing international audience, Sinead is at that point where the right song at the right time will just connect all the dots.

You may not hear her all over the radio or people stanning her online but those are not the only signs of success.

Writing good songs, touring as much as possible and travelling around the world, might sound old-school but worked for Jhene Aiko and Ella Mai. The fact she is making music that isn’t necessarily getting mainstream support but is able to pay her bills, shows you talent will pull you through.

Sinead’s latest release is a dedication to her nephew ‘Leo Bear’ it’s beautiful and the words are universal. She sings about appreciating him in her life and how he has changed her. It could be a best friend, your mum, boyfriend whoever really.
The video is simple but beautiful, co-directed by Miss Harnett. Check it out below.

She has also unleashed a stunning collab with U.S artist Gallant called ‘Pulling Away’. The visuals by Andre Muirare are stunning while Sinead and Gallant have awesome chemistry. Sinead has just announced a new album which features both songs called  ‘Lessons in Love’ and is availble on pre order now,  it’s out September 20th everywhere.

This last couple of week s on her social media she has shared her excitement, emotions and gratitude to all that are supporting her. It’s an exciting time for her as she heads to America for an intimate tour and seems to also be in the best place she has ever been. Never give up, happiness is always on the other side of fear and struggle, just look at Sinead if you need convincing.