26th March 2017

When I think about big earrings it reminds me of my school days and having high pony tails and not giving a damn! Also a lot of good memories of being obsessed with J Lo growing up. I loved her style and her music too ( shush). At that time in my life I didn’t see a lot of women that I could relate to or that I remotely looked the same as. Don’t get me wrong I defo don’t think I looked like Jenny (I wish) but her skin tone and style I did see similarities with.

jenny 10

Fast forward to 2017 and the big blingy hoop earrings are back!! They have been all over the catwalk at Balmain and Givenchy in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Girls we can once again rock them with one rule the bigger the better! The thing with hoops is they have this element of being rebellious and street to them, a style that comes from urban inner city culture and the Caribbean.


The high-street is packed with great options and prices.  I would also suggest that you invest in a few extra piercings in your ears if you only have the one like me. There are so many cool looks this season to mix it up and wear different sizes and looks on each ear. Ear cuffs and several piercings looks so badass this season, not just about the 90’s choker anymore!


Piercings are such a personal way of expressing yourself but also when you are wearing a simple pair of jeans and tee something cool and edgy in your ears or nose totally puts a stamp on your style.

Love Max x



  1. Always have been a huge fan of hoop earrings! This era never stopped for me cause I wear them all the time and I did it the past few years. I just feel so much more stylish and feminin with them. I have a huge passion for them and always buy a new pair of hoops whenever I go shopping. There’s no day I don’t wear any!
    And I love the part when you admitted that you admired JLo’s style,especially back then! She still slays so much! ♥️

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