30th March 2017

kimmy fh

The sun was shining bright in London today but I had a bit of a weird day. Feel a little disappointed in myself tbh, because I let the half empty part of the glass take charge of my mind and attention. Sometimes I wonder why people act the way they do and do selfish things. You give time, energy and a place in your heart to someone a friend, boyfriend or even a family member in such an unconditional way that when they do the opposite it truly hurts.

Here is the thing though while we waste time thinking about those that don’t have a second thought for us we create bad energy and forget to appreciate and enjoy the half glass that is totally full. I have some amazing people in my life that genuinely love me for me.

Today one of those people who is like a big sister to me helped me write a proposal to a great brand that want to work with me. While she did that another mate took me to the cinema while my lovely intern was out busy scoping locations for a fashion haul that we are planning to film and photograph next week.

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I’m far from perfect and I’m definitely work in progress but I want to end this day in a positive way. I want you to know if you ever feel like this it’s ok, but don’t let it over power you and you’re amazing life.

Be thankful for the real ones and those things that make you smile and make you want to leap out of bed.

Shit does get hard and life isn’t always going to go smoothly but don’t ever be defeated by it all.  Here are some of the things I do when I feel stressed, anxious and low.

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1 Call a mate that I feel totally comfortable with and talk out whatever is stressing me out or making me unhappy. Most times hearing someones else perspective totally calms me down and makes me realise it’s never as bad as it seems.

2 Listen to inspiring podcasts from Ted Talks, Tony Robbins or Marie Forleo. I can’t tell you how important these podcasts and people have been for me over the last year while figuring out everything.

3 Get out the house and go for a long walk with either Anderson Paak Malibu in my Beats headphones or again a podcast by one of my favs.

4 Do something nice for myself get a blow-dry, facial or some pampering at home. Light a Jo Malone candle and play some Sade or The Weeknd and chill the f out.

5 Go to the movies or have a movie marathon at home with my housemate or bestie. I’m such a movie geek. Harry Potter marathon or Lord Of The Rings always works with a big bowl of sweet popcorn!

Love Max xxx