Eiza González is more than a pretty face!

13th April 2021

She is one of the freshest faces in film and has recently appeared in the awesome dark comedy ‘I Care Alot’ alongside the blockbuster Godzilla vs Kong. Eiza González opens up about feeling her best now in her 30’s and how lockdown has made her a better person in Shape magazine.

I’m getting to that age where I feel confident: This girl I see in the mirror is who I am, and I’ve just got to love her. I don’t want to judge her. I want to give my body this message consistently that I’m grateful for it so that it keeps itself healthy. Especially in the middle of a pandemic, we realize that our bodies are doing so much to keep us alive. We’ve got to be grateful to them.

Maybe four years ago, I went on a trip with my then boyfriend and got photographed by paparazzi at the beach. You could see cellulite on my leg in the photos, and I was so embarrassed. Now I feel so sexy when I see my cellulite or my butt — that it’s big, with little dimples. I feel so sexy just having a jiggle, or when I sit and my legs create that little fat on the side of my hip. I really do. I feel like a woman, I can move my body, and it makes me feel really empowered, something that I never would have felt in my 20s.”

We all fell in love with her in ‘Baby Driver’ back in 2017, it’s been great to see her evolve and take on less glamorous roles. In the cult surprise hit last year ‘I Care A Lot’ starring Rosamund Pike, Eiza takes on the role of a con-artist with her girl-friend played by Pike. Playing a role that is unapologetically bad, with a few redeeming qualities is both exciting and necessary, she is not just a beautiful woman. Yes she is gorgeous and being latin also I’m sure has limited the roles she is cast for, but this role had nothing to do with either.

I became really introspective throughout quarantine, and it slowly started to guide me toward personal desires, like reconnecting with art and how much I love painting, sketching, and drawing. I learned how to play guitar. I thought: What are the things that I’ve been terrified of doing — that I never felt like I could do because I would be scared of failing in front of the world — and then I did them. My sketches were something that I kept to myself at first, but then I started sharing them. I realized, I want to post this sketch that I did whether people like it or not. I like it.”

Eiza is currently training for her next movie ‘Ambulance’ an action thriller starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Michael Bay.