17th February 2017

Today I grabbed a new book and finished it the same day. As I strolled around my local Waterstones I spotted the lovely Fearne Cotton’s new book ‘Happy’. I have seen Fearne Tweet and Instagram about it so I was meaning to pick it up. This book was sooooooo enlightening, interesting and inspiring. Here is a woman that I have looked up to as one of the most successful presenters in the country. Away from her achievements Fearne is super lovely and very friendly in person. I have had a few chats with her, mostly quick and in work environments. I can say this, she is one of the good ones, what you see is what you get.

happy 7

This book has Fearne talking about how she has created a ‘Happy’ life for herself. It involves her talking honestly about her own low points including dealing with depression, fitting in and working herself to the ground. I related to so much of what she shared, I found comfort and also surprise that the girl that looked like she had the perfect life really didn’t. Like most of us she put her game face on and just kept running and getting gold, till one day she followed her gut and changed her life majorly!

happy 1

What’s cool about the book is Fearne not only shares her story but also the way she has dealt with and is still dealing with all the things she battles with. This includes Yoga ( which I too love) cooking, family time, music and being super creative.

I highly recommend ‘Happy’ I couldn’t put it down till I finished it. Great book that will leave you loving Fearne more and I think help you with a lot of stuff we all deal with and sometimes feel can not say out loud.


Congrats to Fearne, she rocks and is a total babe. Thanks for being so brave and sharing your real story.

Love Max x


  1. This book sounds really interesting to me. I am a huge fan of inspiring books that makes you thinking you can reach everything you want! It’s a huge motivation for us to become a better version of ourselves and to make the most of us and this life that we got offered. I’ll take a look later if that books is available in Germany 🙂

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