15th February 2017

Relationships are so complicated right? I have spent the last few weeks talking to friends who like me are going through that weird kinda tough/confusing time in our relationships. When do you know it’s over? When do you stop fighting to keep it together? Is it better to be by yourself till you figure out this crazy thing we call life???

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So many questions but honestly I don’t think there is one real right answer to any of these questions. It really depends on your personal relationship, what makes you guys happy, if that’s together or apart. I think if I can not imagine my life without you in it, I’m not giving up on you. Sometimes life gets so stressful with work, friends and personal goals that you forget about making time for each other, just watching a movie together, eating together and communicating. I have defo been guilty of that in the past.

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We take each other for granted and unintentionally put the one we love at the bottom of out lists sometimes. I know…… trust me how hard it can be to have real quality time together especially if you don’t live together and work or study different hours, but and this is a BIG but you have got to ‘MAKE TIME’ and it has to be quality time. I don’t mean moan about your job or that friend that always let’s you down, but atcually chill and enjoy each others company. It could literally be spooning on a sofa watching a movie together or going to the movies. During that time switch your phone off and make that time just about you guys reconnecting.

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If on the other hand you realise you argue and irritate each other rather then laugh and have fun together, I hate to say this but then maybe it’s time to figure out if you need to separate for awhile.  Take the time to figure out why you bring out the worse in each other. This can be really hard especially if you still really love each other, but remember if you want it to work the time apart will make you stronger and hopefully appreciate each other, resulting in less bickering.

It’s so frowned upon when women are single and you feel this pressure to be with somone to almost feel complete, but I say F it! Follow your heart and put your time and energy into what makes you feel happy and alive. There is no clock ticking but the one in your head. You decide when you are ready so chill and please give yourself a break.


One of my mates who is also a blogger Amber recommended a book today called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’  She said it’s brillant and really helped her figure out how different guys are to us. Also we have to accept they deal with stuff very different to us!  Have a read and let me know your thoughts.

Love Max x


  1. Beautiful blogpost. Love is a topic we don’t have an answer for. Everyone needs to experience it on their own. The sad thing people nowadays don’t treasure love enough like they did in the past. It’s so fast living. People don’t work on relationships anymore when we should. Love is not always easy,but it has beautiful sides as well and this is something we should never forget 🙂 ♥️

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