10th October 2016

This made me smile, Kendall sat down with Allure and did 9 random things she has never done before. Yes …..I know these were 9 things that Allure made her do… but I liked the concept of it. Got me thinking 9 random things I wouldn’t mind trying. Play along but don’t think of stuff you have always wanted to do or ambitions, almost silly things just for the hell of it, watch Kendall’s 9 for inspiration!

Max’s 9 random things I never have done….

1 Kiss as many guys on the tube before my stop… hahaha!! I would never do that… but what fun!!

2 Dress up as a boy for 24 hours and see what life is like in their world! ( minus using their toilets)


3 Date a French guy ( they are sexy as hell)

4 Eat flying fish with Rihanna in Barbados!

5 Rap on a diss track, just 1 verse… jokes!

6 Swap identities with flipping Beyonce….. that would rock although would that mean I would kiss Jay Z… I don’t wanna be Becky… lol!


7 Learn to bark so I can have a conversation with a dog! I know I’m weird!

8 Random get lazer hair removal… I’m so scared of it, but so many girls are doing it!! I want no hair left on my body.. lol!

9 Join Fifth Harmony on stage for ‘Work From Home’ and shake my ass like the 6th member!!


I enjoyed doing that… harder then you think… why couldn’t they of just done 5??