8th August 2018

So about a week ago I hung out with X Factor winners Rak-Su. I knew a little about them but if I’m honest over the last few years I have dipped in and out ( more out) from the talent show. I just feel it’s no longer about the artists but more about the judges and ratings.
Which than makes it hard for the acts to be taken seriously after the show ends and have a long term career.
Louisa is just one example of how the machine needs to be revamped in order for people that are super talented to have a fair shot at it.
However Ashley, Jahmaal, Mustafa and Myles are super cool and totally determined to share their music with the world.
I learnt a lot in that 30min I spent with them. They have each other’s backs like brothers, have been mates since they were kids and are super playful! Also they see themselves as part of the Urban scene and doing X Factor was away to open a door for more acts like them to get heard and supported.
Simon Cowell may be the man who signed them and put them on TV but they control the direction and sound of the music, which was refreshing to hear. Even talking to their manager ahead of our chat he told me it’s important to rep all the fans for the boys the Urban and Pop. It will be interesting to see if they can please everyone, Chris Brown has been around for over a decade and has mastered that formula. Think about it he can release a song like “Deuces” and then put out something like “Forever”. I guess it’s about being authentic and giving your audience a chance to grow with you.

Their first release “Pyro Ting” is produced by Banx and Ranx and is a vibe. I think it’s more of a warm up track to let people know they are coming with new music.
So below is our chat we take the piss out of each other quite a lot… lol, but also talk seriously about the influence and impact that they as men of colour have made in the mainstream world already by winning the show.

I really liked the boys and wish them well. Also think it would be dope to see them go on tour with other awesome British Urban groups like Mic Lowry.

Max xxx