8th June 2016

Fun shoot with the team #BTS make up by lovely @rachelshram photographer #DaniRiot he rocks! 🙃

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Photoshoots and me don’t go together!! I have no idea why I fear them so much….I’m fine all chilled and even confident when mates take pics on my phone off me or I take selfies but put me in front off a photographer I freeze like a little awkward baby.

But this week I had a photo-shoot that I promised my bestie I would not cancel, time to stop fearing it and learn to enjoy it I thought…

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As always I wasn’t organised forgot to book a stylist and get someone to do my hair at the shoot as I changed looks. I did however have one of my best mates travel down to London to support me and basically be my Kris Jenner I call her Momager LOL!

max 3Also had a great make-up artist who is like a friend and totally makes me feel pretty once she has done her magic on my little face. The most important element I realised yesterday was the photographer and the trust you have to have in him or her to push you out out off your comfort zone and own it. I totally didn’t know what to do, how to pose and thought do what I know … try and look pretty and fake it.

Sick photographer #Dani jokes

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max 7He said don’t do that, stop posing, relax and stop smiling too. Almost be still and look past the camera and think of anything but the shoot! This was strangely weird but I tried it and it started to work.. The pics where I was following his direction seemed to look natural and even beautiful.

I have spoken to many celebs in the industry who always say the team is so important when it comes to shoots. It doesn’t matter how amazing you feel or look if you don’t have a killer photographer to direct you and a Glam team that you are comfortable with you kinda lose out!!

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I can’t wait to share the pics with you and see how they all come out…. Here’s to confronting our fears and insecurities and learning to trust in other people.

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