20th December 2016

I went on the perfect date this week and I thought I would not only share my outfit but also why it was so very perfect. A lot of times when I go on dates, which isn’t many as I am a long term relationship type of girl, always got a boyfriend….


Guys will take me to fancy restaurants, movies and awkward posh bars. This time I got taken to a wonderful museum. I knew I was going to the museum so had decided to go comfy but still a little pretty. I always find when you look too sexy or are wearing uncomfortable footwear you can’t enjoy the date or relax.


My coat is from the new Zara collection and is incredibly warm, I was worried about it being white…. I have no idea how I have managed to not get any stains down it!! I’m clumsy and accident prone, side-note, worth mentioning. I teamed the coat with a beautiful knit also by Zara ( one of my fav stores) with a dungaree dress by Urban Outfitters. I decided to rock thigh-high leather boots from Geiger just to make it look a little more edgy as everything else was quite oversized. My hair was messy and the damp rain didn’t help, but I embraced it and Moroccan oil defo helped it not look a total mess, just a little!


Now the important part the date location The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London. I love museums and galleries but never have time to go and most of my friends are clubbers or love swanky bars! This was just what I needed, with an array of beautiful outdoor gardens and a bunch of captivating exhibitions I truly loved every part of it. So much to see, share and talk about. The date was not only fun but also chilled with no pressure. Lunch was great, one lovely little cafe so no having to decide, which I’m so longggg with normally…Like big kids we had fish-finger sandwiches, which were awesome!!

date-17 date-18 date-24

Did you know most museums are free to enjoy with the odd exhibition costing a couple of quid to enter. We were more then happy to make a donation of 20 quid to the museum after such a great day. It wasn’t an obligation but something you chose if you wanted to do.

I highly recommend museum and gallery trips for dates and even just as days out. We have so much beautiful nature and art in the UK and sometimes forget all about it. Beats a hangover and blistered feet!!

Luv MAX x