7th June 2018


Let me tell you about why I love Miss Jorja Smith as I sit here blasting her songs while I Blog. She has such a beautiful voice, this vibe and songs that make me feel some sort of way.

I adore music, I’m a DJ nad have always loved discovering and enjoying new music.

Jorja is only 20-years-old and she is only just getting started, but is so dope already.

I love how she has shares her music, the visuals and her focus so much on her live show.

She moved from Walsall in the West Midland a couple of years ago to London. Worked in Starbucks to pay her bills while she recorded in the studio on the side.

Her drive and passion for the art is so apparent, Her shy demeanour makes me find her even more interesting and a bit of a mystery, which let’s face it we rarely get anymore with musicians.

I’m glad I don’t know who she is dating and all her personal business. Think about back in the day and the real legends, MJ, Sade, Prince these were the artists that people idolised for their music first, everything else was an after thought.

Jorja makes stunning songs but she writes in such a real relatable way. Listen to ‘Teenage Fantasy’ and tell me that song doesn’t take you back to that moment in your own personal life.

I remember seeing her perform at the Jazz Cafe supporting the awesome Maverick Sabre. Here was this tall, shy girl with her hair in a bun singing her heart out totally captivating. The couple of times we met we had small chat and I noticed her shyness so much. It’s super endearing and also shows she is quite a private person with a tight little circle. No fake besties over night.

Every now and then someone dope comes along and we have to nurture them and support them. Why?… Because they are changing the game and in their own way may not know this opening a door for that next generation who feel inspired and totally connected with the music. Frank Ocean and Adele have always shared what they wanted when they wanted to, The Weeknd too.

I think Jorja must feel overwhelmed at times, with incredible artists like Drake and Kendrick both asking to record with her. She doesn’t use her co-signs as a crutch or her beauty to makes others feel inferior.

The new album ‘Lost & Found’ is out now. Even if you don’t hear the music on all the mainstream places you hear Taylor or even Drake take some time out and listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed and I’m sure will become a fan. Congrats Jorja wishing you more success and all the best on this crazy incredible journey.