10th December 2016



Spent the day chilling and enjoying London with one of my best mates in the world! It’s so funny what started as a day just to hang ended up feeling like a photo-shoot. I always feel like such a kid when I have my natural curls and less make up!. I prefer looking more natural these days but have to be honest when I’m around girls that wear loads of make-up I feel like such a boy….!!


Anyway my mate told me today I looked beautiful …. sweet right…. #blushing. He said days like today when I don’t try so hard and just be comfortable in my own skin I look prettiest and happiest….interesting observation and super lovely. 


I love leather and would wear it every day if I could. This leather crop jacket is by All Saints and cost me £500 buttttttttt it’s been such a good buy and I wear it so much!! The skirt is a leather biker by Topshop £150 again this skirt has been through everything with me, I have had it for over 3 years, classic piece in my wardrobe now.


I have to say leather is such an important part of my wardrobe and truly never goes out of fashion. It’s a staple piece that works any time of day and with most looks. Skinny jeans, a dress, a skirt, whatever really!! 

I teamed it woth this £60 red silk shirt by TopShop Boutique. I’m big on red this sesaon, whether it’s on your lips or your body!!