3rd June 2021

Jorja Smith is one of the most exciting and refreshing musicians of the last few years. Yes she is the cool girl with millions following her on instagram, but truly this 23 years old creative from Walsall is all about the music. Her voice, sounds and lyrics are so distinctive and make you pay attention. She has a voice that carries emotion and so much heart that you can’t help but feel she understands your heartbreak, loss of a friend and the struggle of life. 


I just write about what I believe in and what I think people need to hear. Hopefully, me writing the song has changed their thought process or opened their mind a bit. That’s all I ever wanted to do.


‘Be Right Back’ is her highly anticipated follow up project since her debut back in 2018 ‘Lost & Found’. She has teased us with some collaborations recently, including one with Popcaan ‘Come Over’  and the other alongside Enny ‘Black Peng Girls’. This however is a full 8 songs packed of her sultry soulful sounds featuring one collaboration with new rising British artist Shaybo called ‘Buss Down’.
Talking to Net-A-Porter the Brit winner opens up about getting rid of the toxic environment and people that were in her life during lockdown. 
I was going through a phase where I wasn’t that happy, it was not nice for me; it was doing more damage than good. Then the pandemic-shaped pause of 2020 happened, realized who I was”, ditched the “toxic people” in her life and resolved to be kinder to herself. She still has female friends in the music industry, she says, but loves “like, my actual friends” from before Jorja Smith became Jorja Smith. “We support each other however we can.