11th June 2019


Just as she celebrates her Birthday Jorja drops this beautiful song ‘Goodbyes’ from her stunning debut album ‘Lost & Found’. It’s such a simple pretty song with a video that totally represents the same vibe.

Directed by Jorja with collaborator and friend Rashid Babiker, the sultry vid was filmed at home after she wrapped her sold out U.S tour with Kali Uchis.

Jorja has had such an incredible few years since starting her musical career. She tours constantly and keeps growing as a musician. I remember seeing her at one of her first shows at the Jazz Cafe all shy on stage while she belted out her songs. Fast forward a few years and that shy talented girl from Walsall is now strutting her stuff on stage with so much confidence. She owns her body and her voice, one day tomboy next day sexy lady, I love her energy and how she doesn’t lose herself in this world of glitz and glamour. Most of all she has just such a way with  creating beautiful music. Excited to hear what she brings in the next few years.