24th November 2016


STEFFLON DON is a lady that is making some serious noise and totally showing the boys we can do it as good if not better! Over the last year I have heard her name and started paying attention to her music and energy. I feel like there is a space right now for us in the UK to have a strong woman who reps the culture in Urban music. She is clearly influenced by Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B and Grime. Which makes me think her music will be accessible and super dope. She is stunning and has mad confidence while rocking her curves. It’s important to see a woman doing that and embracing other women that are not living to any sterotype. She has fun with her style, wearing colourful outfits and hair.

Steff’s new track ‘Real Tings’ has her celebrating powerful, strong, sexy female bosses!! Lot of cheeks and diamonds in your face! She is sexy and raps so obviously will be compared to Nicki Minaj, which to be honest is not a bad thing atal! By the way look out for a quick appearance from DJ Khaled in the vid! While her mixtape, featuring the likes of Jeremih and Tremz, alongside production from Rymez (Wiley, Sneakbo) is out in December.