3rd August 2017

Pia Mia just dropped her hot new vid ‘I’m A Fan’ featuring Jeremih! I love the choreography and her style. P is all about that sexy tomboy vibe!! I’m so about that life, go gal!! Do not get it twisted she is not just a pretty girl, she is super talented and very ambitious.

Growing up on the small island of Guam I think is the biggest reason why she has this chilled humble energy. How often do you see her linked to famous guys and a bunch of industry friends?? I know Kylie Jenner is in your head right now, but has she used that friendship to be relevant since she dropped ‘Do It Again’? No flipping way, the girl has built her brand on her music, modelling and her interaction with her fans. I follow Pia on Twitter and Instagram, on a daily basis she keeps it very real and personal from sharing how she is feeling plus supporting her followers with motivation and positivity.

Musically I think she is going to grow so much and at the moment is probably not fully confident as an artist to lead her own career. That’s ok though, give her time, she has the raw talent and a story that comes from some sort of struggle. Which always makes for the best musicians in my opinion.

Madison Beer is a brand new artist who has been waiting in the wings for a few years now. She unleashed her latest vid ‘Dead’ her vocals are on point and she looks stunning! At 18 years-old she is more known for her huge social following and who she is dating right now. I hope that it becomes more about her talent and less on that stuff, as it will make it tougher for her to be seen as a real artist.

Madison recently split up with Jack Gilinsky from Jack and Jack who I have met once and hung out with. Jack came across fun and super lovely but, can I determine who did what in their relationship? Not really, not my place, but I will say absuing and insulting each other in any relationship is soul destroying.

I have experienced that and felt so ashamed that I told nobody. We are way too obsessed with bullshit and negativity rather then looking for the good and inspiring people around us.  I hope Madison follows Pia’s example and shows that through her music and doesn’t get pushed into ‘Babe date this person, you will get loads of press around it and make the Daily Mail.’

Camila Cabello also decided to drop not one but two new tracks!! She is currently on tour with Bruno Mars killing it. Again Camila much like Pia has come from humble beginnings and has her mum right by her side most of the time. This little lady has a huge heart and big dreams. Check out ‘Havana’ feat Young Thug produced by Pharrell and ‘OMG’ written by Charli XCX feat Quavo from the Migos!! OMG is a vibe!!