14th September 2016

e21Earrings and cuffs look so damn sexy and cool!! I’m really getting into more jewellery to accessories and keep everyting simple and classic. Think a great pair of skinny jeans, simple tee and a stunning piece in your ear. I have always loves rings, bracelets, simple pretty necklaces and of course the choker!


Cuffs, hoops, earrings and studs have been around for years to decorate out little ears! It’s really up to you how edgy you rock them or how simple. Here is some inspiration from me and also a tip, shop online there are some great bargains and looks!

Create a mood board and then hit the high-street if you prefer seeing and touching before buying! I find when I go shopping without a mood board vibe in my head worked out I spend my cash on all the things I really don’t need or want, so plan ahead babes!



Most of these looks I found on Etsy which is an online website. Everything was really affordable nothing is more then a tenner really and I also noticed Asos are great for cuffs and pretty studs too! I would suggest with costume pieces do not spray perfume too close or over wear as the colour will deteriorate quicker.  But if you are good at taking care of your stufff, ( which I’m not) I’m sure they will keep well.

Max x