16th October 2016


It’s one of my fav times of the year ……Halloween is almost upon us! I know it probably sounds a little strange to say I prefer this time over Christmas and even New Years but the thing is all other occasions including Valentine’s Day I feel so much pressure and so much thought and planning has to go into. While Halloween much like Bonfire Night is all about having fun and hanging with people you love!!


My earliest memory of Halloween is being like 10-years-old and being obsessed with pumpkins, trick or treat and witches! It felt like a different world almost like a time to become a character in a kids book or movie. As I got older we would sneak into late night horror movies and freak out but love it!! It became a ritual to get together and watch scary movies like Saw and Nightmare on Elm Street!



Now I think it has become more about dressing up in a costume or as a famous person and going out and getting your party on! I’m not quite sure how the whole dressing up as you fav celeb got introduced but maybe it stemmed from dressing up as your fav scary movie character like Freddy Krueger and Poison Ivy. Celebs have also now made it soooo sexy too which I quite love if I’m honest, it’s the only time of the year you can dress trashy and get away with it, LOL!



Check out some of my fav past looks from Kim Kardashian & Kanye West as Catwoman & Batman plus Rihanna and her mates as the Ninja Turtles! Plus I have picked some make-up looks you could try and have fun with this year!! Happy Halloween babes here are some tips on stuff you could do if you are not going to a house party in London!

:Visit the Tower of London’s spookiest corners after dark on a Tower Twilight Tour. From 6 Nov

: Discover the dark secrets and gory history of London with The Ghost Bus Tours or a Tales of Plague Guided Walk.

: Retrace the infamous murderer’s footsteps with Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks and see his story come to life with The Jack the Ripper Tour with Ripper-Vision.

London’s horrible history and terrifying characters come vividly to life at The London Dungeon. Join the witch hunt this October with additional Halloween shows, where everyone is a suspect.

: Go on a mind-derailing journey through fear with Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park, or dare to enter the live action scare maze in one of October’s special Fright Nights.

: Step into Harry Potter’s world of wizards and witches, and see the Great Hall decorated for Halloween. 15 Oct-4 Nov!

: Enjoy a night of torchlit tours and scary surprises followed by a sleepover at the Museum of London or Chelsea FC Museum. 28 and 29 Oct!

: Catch a show at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London’s most haunted theatre.

: Watch freakish performers and daring acrobats, and dance the night away at the Dark Circus Party, The London Cabaret Club’s Sympathy for the Devil or The Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Ball. 28-29 Oct!

: Take to the Thames with a chilling Fright Night boat party. 29 Oct!



  1. I am a huge fan of Halloween and it is definitely my favorite day of the whole year! In Germany Halloween is still so underrated. It’s sad cause I think we still could do a lot more to make it more present here. I would choose it over christmas and New Years. Scary stuff has always been my thing!
    Thank you for dedicating this awesome post to my favorite day.

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