23rd October 2016

Hey guys….. it’s Sunday the day to chill and recharge or in some cases stay in bed and get over the weekend of partying! It’s funny as I was about to do a post about the new Kenzo/H&M collection I jumped on Youtube which I do most mornings and have a wonder. A video of Davina McCall popped up and the title got my attention so I watched it.

Growing up she is was one of the few presenters that I loved watching and felt drawn to. She was a woman that was funny, smart and curvy! (which was rare on TV)

After watching this interview it made me realise that the woman with the big smile and bags of confidence had so much shit she was hiding and dealing with. I guess like a lot of us she too sometimes wore a mask and put her good foot forward and kept it going, even when she felt lost and hopeless.

Yesterday I met a friend who was once my bestie but over the last 6 months we kinda fell out over what I don’t know now and then our communication just slowly drifted. She has changed her career choice, has a new boyfriend and seems like she is finally getting comfortable in her own skin. That was amazing to see and made me realise even more how important personal happiness is over work, relationships and peoples expectations on you or should I say our personal expectations on ourselves.


It’s funny I realise I’m a perfectionist, which means I’m never quite satified with my ahievements or choices. It’s something I have to learn to chill out on and take a moment to appreciate what I do and not judge myself on the hows and whens.


If you have moments like that it’s ok… be kind to yourself and take a minute to hear your own voice. Davina said she started by liking herself… to get to loving herself. Take a minute today for yourself and appreciate all the great people and good things in your life. I know it’s not perfect but think better so you can do better. I know I always say this but Rome wasn’t built in a day and we are all work in progress.

Love Max x



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  1. I read the whole post and now I’m sitting there with teary eyes. This is a topic that I have to struggle with a lot and you dedicated a blog post to it. I can’t thank you enough Max! ♥️

    There are moments I feel okay being me,while there are moments I completely dislike myself. It’s a rollercoaster ride of feelings. But people like you give me the biggest inspiration to try my best every single day to be the best version of me. To never give up, to never stop to believe in myself. It’s hard but with little steps we reach every goal at some point!

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