11th June 2021

Netflix’s “Sweet Tooth” is a gripping, action packed fantasy which is beautiful to watch. The world is recovering from a devastating apocalyptic plague, now full of disease and people living in fear while mercenaries are searching to kill and kidnap this new breed of human kids who seem to be part human and part animal.
It’s been produced by some man called Robert Downey Jnr with his wife Susan and is based on Jeff Lemire’s comic book series, and is set in a post-apocalyptic world published by DC 

The story is set around Gus played by Christian Convery an 11-year-old kid born a hybrid, part boy, part deer, discovering only now what has happened as his father has kept him hidden in a remote forest away from all the danger. Once Gus’s dad dies he finds a box hidden with a picture of a woman who he believes is his mum and he sets off to find her. Remember this kid has been protected in a remote part of a forest with only his father. He manages to be-friend a man called Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) a drifter who is an ex-mercenary himself and forces him to tag along. Their relationship is at the heart of the story, one that is far from perfect but over time becomes incredibly close.
With most of the worlds’ population dead, those that survive are scared of these hybrid children as they believe they carry the deadly disease. Sweet Tooth is narrated by iconic actor James Brolin.and yes he is the father of actor Josh Brolin in case you were wondering. Will Gus find his mother or is there something darker waiting for him at the end of this adventure? I highly recommend you start streaming series one, it will have you both captivated and lost into this weird wonderful world!