HOT AS FIRE… Rosalía

4th December 2018

Can we just talk about this amazing Spanish woman called Rosalía ….

It feels like she has popped into my world from some beautiful cloud that she has been living on, with music that makes me feel wavy as hell.

Rosalía has a style and sound all of her own. The way she expresses herself through her visuals and live performances make her a super exciting artist to watch.

She is from this little village outside Barcelona and is 24 years old.

I can hear she has a real love for R&B from the production of her songs and her personal style. She recently dropped Malamente which became a huge crossover track. I actually love that she sings in Spanish and when talking to her followers online the same. She proves that music is a whole language of its own, when it’s good it doesn’t matter if you understand all the words as long as you feel something. Than like me you will explore and find the meaning behind the words.

I think she has that vibe like great women before her…Kate Bush, Sia, Björk and Sade. Watch this Spanish hottie she is dope as hell.

Enjoy her latest offering above …I hear that JT ‘Cry Me A River’ influence! Plus the album is out, it’s stunning, play it LOUD in ya ears!