20th June 2018

She dropped her debut album three years ago and I fell in love with her instantly. Alessia Cara exudes beauty, kindness, intelligence and a load of raw talent. Her songwriting is so honest and very relatable. She has gone through a lot from dealing with the pressures of  being famous so young, success, criticism and becoming a woman. She is finally back now 21-years old and seems to have so much to get of her chest. Check out the latest track ‘Growing Pains’ the lyrics are deep as hell. The video is cool, strange and I’m still trying to figure out the story behind the suit.  She killed her perfomance on Fallon watch it below.

I’m looking forward to hearing the new project which is out in September!  I wonder who may pop up on the album ??? She has already recorded dope music with people like Troye Sivan, Zedd and Logic, plus toured with the likes of Coldplay and Taylor Swift.  I’m intrigued to see who she may of hit the studio with. I know she adores Drake, so that would make her happy. If you could pick anyone to duet with Alessia who ????

Max xxx