27th April 2018

Anne-Marie has worked her little bum off over the last several years and today finally releases her debut album!

I have seen her rock on stage with the Rudimental boys so many times and kill it. Her voice and stage presence was always shining and now seeing her release solo material is awesome.

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‘Speak Your Mind’ her debut project is packed with 17 songs.  Full of great Pop songs with that slice of R&B and a bit of soul.

I couldn’t help but think of Sia and Pink when I was listening to the album today, Anne Marie has got such a versatile voice.
I have met her once and found her super sweet and incredibly humble. She isn’t trying to fit in has her own vibe and opinion. Equally she is a young woman trying to live and enjoy her life with all the crap the industry and society throw at her. I love how she cares abouther fans and other young women and men starting real conversations on her platforms wanting to influence in the right way.
The album has her talking a lot about heartbreak and relationships. It’s interesting as she has been dating Kesi from Rudimental for a few years now and I hope they are still together. ‘Bad Girlfriend’ leaves you wondering……

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Rudimental not only took Anne-Marie on tour but as Locksmith said to me recently ‘She has a beautiful soul and is so talented. We adore her and believe in her so much and know she is a star”

Having the boys and their label ‘Major Toms’ behind her plus the same management team as Ed Sheeran she is destined for more success. Mostly though it’s because of her talent and spirit, a great team only works for you if you are dope. Anne-Marie leaves you feeling good and wanting her to fly.

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Highlights on the project include ‘Then’ ‘2002’ ‘Friends’ ‘Heavy’ ‘Machine’ ‘Peak’ and ‘Alarm’. I love hearing her just sing…. ‘Used To Love You’ is straight fire! Away from gimmicks and fun Anne-Marie’s voice is something else.


                                                     Anne Marie



7 thoughts on “‘SPEAK YOUR MIND’ BABE…..”

  1. I love this article! Honestly I’ve been following Anne-Marie for two years now and she never failed to impress me. Her voice is insane and her heart is gold. Had the chance to meet her so many times already over the past year and she’s such a wonderful person. Speak your Mind is an incredible album!

    1. You are a propa fan… I agree she can sing her ass off… and being lovely totally helps. The album second half shows what she is capable off… she is talking a lot about herabreak though…. hope her and Kesi are still together x

  2. Just listening to this album now and can tell it’s going to be an album you can blast in summer and feel good, her voice is amazing my favourite song is defiantly friends It’s such a jam and the lyrics are so true!

    1. She has done a great job…. and let’s be real worked so hard waiting for her chance. The fact she is super sweet and talented makes me want to see her win even more. x

  3. Just got speak your mind today only followed Anne Marie properly last few months but i discovered shes very adaptable with her vocal which i love plus she’s very honest and speaks out about what others won’t and also shes truely lovely and down to earth with her fans didn’t listen till 2002 till i got the album and my god what a banger, fanastic record loving perfect too

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