19th March 2018


How have you been my beautiful, super smart readers?? It’s been a minute you could say right. God this has been a long-time coming and although it was truly a mission to get started, not because I don’t want to blog but more due to doctors and family telling me I need six weeks of total recovery just chilling and doing things ‘just for fun’.

Wow that request or I should say demand in the nicest was possible has been something for the last 2 weeks I have tried out and let’s just say it doesn’t fit me like a glove. As always I’m work in progress and now more then ever. I’m not really ready to tell all and I feel a little disappointed in myself for not being brave enough to say out loud “I have been diagnosed with a condition, and here is how I feel”. 

Being in hospital for the last couple of months has been very difficult, heartbreaking, life-changing and also a revelation in a great way that I now know I needed.

Can you bare with me as I come to terms with my condition, which isn’t life threatning just more life changing I will talk to you about it and hopefully by me sharing it might support others out there and even just make you worry less about me.  Also this blog is so like a diary for me at times and sharing my truth i’m sure helps me in a way too.

You know I always see the DM’s on Twitter and now on instagram too. I love you all so much and appreciate the messages always. It blows my mind that people I have never ever met have such a genuine connection with me and want the best for me.

I want you to know it’s mutual and I would love to create a community, a place to do a weekly live video hang out where we can talk and support each other. Discuss fun stuff like music, fashion, films and also not be afraid to talk about stress, anxiety and needing some support. What do you think would you be down for that??

If yes let me know below in the comment section, so I can try and figure out how I can create a special mailing list and get some tech wizard to help me set up the live streaming element. I want to do meet-ups too and get to know you all and really build a great community if you think it’s something you would enjoy and get something awesome from.

Today I noticed all the gossip sites running pics of Selena Gomez on holiday with mates, she looks so happy and relaxed. I wondered why they had to zoom in on her scar on her leg as a result of her recent surgery, but the other part of me thought don’t focus on that. Look at how beautiful and liberated she looks in that bikini not hiding the mark like a war wound in shorts or a sarong.

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It shows a strong young woman that is embracing life and grateful to have it. The same can be said for Francia her bestie who donated a kidney for that same surgery and was left with her own scarring. I watched this video below and her words touched me while she showed her scar with sensitivity, she too much like Selena had that beauty and confidence in herself not letting it define her. She risked her own life and did that unconditional thing besties do in movies ‘ride or die’. Selena is so very blessed to have Francia as a friend/sister such a huge sacrifice can only come from real love and kindness. On a separate note I have to share how awesome Francia is in TV show ‘Grownish’ she truly is a great very funny actress. I hope her star keep rising.

Musician Halsey has also been brave and spoken about her suffering from a condition called Endometrisosis in detail recently. She touched me so much with her experience and again total bravery and honesty. I too suffer from this same thing, which was a shock and again I have kept very private over the last couple of years. It’s difficult to talk about when you are not ready or willing to understand the condition and how it affects you. I’ so glad she has a great support system and is in such a good personal space that she is able to share like this.

I love everything about her she is a total kick ass babe and her boyfried Gerard is super lovely and cool. I have met him a few times and always found him so sweet and real, glad she has him also for support. Talking like this will help so many people and also hopefully prevent so many of us ignoring potential health issues before them become chronic. Also you don’t feel so alone and ‘why me” constantly.

Let’s put it into perspective illness happens to all of at some point but hopefully not to the point that you are in hospital and have to have surgery like us girls. You can be a  Singer, Actress, Personal Trainer, Teacher, Lawyer, Student,  P.A, Chef, Admin worker and be living with an illness that nobody has a clue about but you.  I know how that feels now, but it’s ok.  Once you come to terms with it followed by the support and the right treatment, things will get better. Time heals and a will to want to get better,

Love Ya Max xxx



  1. I think you are a true inspiration, Max! To meet you in person will be awesome. On a side note I am a Psychiatric Nurse and I too have a physical ailment, but it doesn’t define or restrict my ambitions and dreams..I hope you find peace on your journey in life. God bless x

    1. That’s so kind of you… I wonder who you are sometimes… as you have that character as your DP on Twitter.. lol

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