3rd March 2017

Hi beautiful peeps so it’s Friday which means the weekend and NEW music!! Ed Sheeran just dropped his highly anticipated new album ‘Divide’. It’s everything I wanted it to be! Ed rapping and singing his little heart out. I feel like he has made some classic Pop songs and has clearly been influenced by his travels. He talks about money, fame and relationships in such an honest way. I love how Ed never forgets who he is and where he is from.

He has become one of the biggest stars in the world but I have no idea how but he has still managed to stay ‘normal’. Songs like ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’ ‘Shape Of You’ ‘Supermarket Flowers’ and ‘Perfect’ show how versatile Ed is. He makes music that literally caters for everyone no matter what age, which is rare and what makes him special. He sounds so in love with his girl and his guitar which makes me smile!

My favs so far are ‘Barcelona’ ‘New Man’ and ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’ with the incredible Fuse ODG!

Congrats Ed you killed it again and deserve every accolade you receive and no more holidays, expect another 5 years touring this album to death!!

Max xxx